Tips Clear Best Ways to out of waste!

Tips Clear Best Ways to out of waste!

Waste: There are many things which we use and throw them away. Irrespective of the fact that they can be further utilized at home. But until and unless we know its use, they are useless for us. So before throwing things give a second thought, that can it be used for some other purpose? We tried our Tips Clear Best ways to how to use out of waste.


Cockroaches are present in almost every kitchen and everybody wants them out of their sight. One of the effective methods to remove them is to mix 2 spoons of flour with 2 spoons of boric acid and knead into flour. Make tiny balls of this flour and spread at the place more prone to cockroaches.

How to keep clean naturally

Place some dry neem leaves in the bookshelves to keep books safe from bugs. Use Sandalwood also to keep away insects from the bookshelves.

We all love flowers and wish that they stay fresh for longer time. To achieve their long freshness keep them in either in a soda water or water mix with salt and sugar. Keep changing this water every day. This will help in keeping those lovely flowers fresher for a longer time.

In addition, spread the dried marigold leaves in a pot. Soon you will see the new marigold plants coming out of it and your pot will fill with many small marigold plants.

Keep insects away

Dried orange peels are capable of keeping insects and bugs away from the clothes. Spread its powder in the almirah for keeping them away from clothes.

To save steel and iron furniture safe from rust, clean them with the kerosene oil. Soak a small piece of cloth in kerosene oil and wipe off all the furniture. This will add-on the sparkle and helps save it from rusting.

We often encounter with the problem of unwanted plants and bushes which grow anywhere in our house inside or outside. It doesn’t look good. To remove them one should put vinegar over there. This will help in stopping them from growing altogether.

Keep away ants

To remove black ants from the place, mix sugar, turmeric and flour and spread it at the place where you see black ants. This mixture will help in getting rid of them.

Make your own mothballs by using dry leaves or rosemary, lavender and rose petals. Put them in a sachet and hang them in your wardrobe. Lemon peels are also an effective moth curb and help in keeping moths away.

The pulp of tamarind is also a very effective cleaning agent. By adding a little bit of salt to it, it’s cleaning property increases.  Copper, bronze and steel utensils can be cleaned with it. It is very efficient in cleaning that dirt which covers the sink after cleaning the utensils. Clean the sink with tamarind pulp to get that sparkling shine to it.

Besides utensils, this is very helpful in cleaning kitchen chimney, old clock and the bolts of the house.


Peels of most of the vegetables are enriched with many nutrients. Alternatively can be used to make various face packs and can be used when they are not available.

To get the best out waste one should keep in mind the principle of reuse. Avoid making wastage whereupon to give a second thought to your decision of throwing something. Many things can be reusable and utilized.