Tiny Living: Small Home Design for Families

There are singles, couples, and even families who choose to live in small houses and spend most of their lives traveling and exploring new places. That way, they are relieved of the burden of paying high mortgages and property taxes. Thanks to the little home lifestyle, you can now save more and spend more on yourself. It brings a sense of freedom, especially in the younger generation.

For families, however, choosing this lifestyle can sometimes get a bit tricky, as tiny homes are definitely limited in space and fitting more than two can take a bit more effort and planning. So, in order to make the space more comfortable, you can opt for the following options to integrate into your small living space.

Adding additional partitions:

The point of not being tied up in a house but planning and dividing the space so that the house is not cluttered and has enough space for people to move around and stay.

By adding simple partitions, he can create a division of two rooms; it can also provide some privacy while resting or changing.

Bunk beds:

A good interesting option especially for children, instead of going horizontal why not go vertical with bunk beds. To add small bunk beds, make sure they are permanently attached to the walls of your small home. Especially in case you plan to travel with your tiny house on wheels, these beds can slide and move from their actual position. So secure a bunk bed in the corner of your space, add rugs and mats and the place will look more spacious while providing more space to sleep comfortably.

Foldable beds:

Another good option that you can try is to add sofa beds. These beds can be folded up and used as sofas. So while you are awake and maneuvering in and around the house, you can keep the bed folded. You can also use it as an extra. So why not invite a few more friends and they can easily fit into the additional foldable bed.

Beds and compartments with storage:

Adding beds for storage is always handy for smaller homes. You can keep your bags; clothes and even your shoes can be stored in beds which offer storage compartments. Multi-purpose furniture is all the rage these days. Also, you can opt for revolving wardrobes, to separate seasonal clothes. So, go for options that provide enough storage space for your small home design.

Dining area / kitchen:

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to designing a small home for a family is creating space to move around and a larger prep / meal area. To create a good 4 dimensional living space, be sure to add tables and chairs that are in sync with the overall size of the room. Adding large chairs and sofas can clutter up space while adding a small round table for 4 with stools instead of chairs can free up more room to breathe.

The design of your micro house, its interiors and especially the dining room must be in accordance with your needs. If you need more space to store your clothes, make more space for storage while reducing others. Whereas, if you have a lot of things to freeze, have more space for a large freezer. You have to complete one thing for the other in order to create living space inside a small house.

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