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Timeless Chair Design and the Eames Effect

When it comes to furnishing a home or office, the unification of function, shape and style never goes out of style. Quality and class still maintain their desirability, even in more austere times. Despite changes in both taste and budget, iconic furniture will always be in demand. Timeless designs, such as the Eames office armchair, remain in a class of their own.

When the brothers Charles and Ray Eames unveiled the design for their Lounge Chair and Ottoman in 1956, they were creating the history of the 20th century style. “, Charles Eames’ words still contain a meaning that makes them suitable today as they were more than fifty years ago.

After undergoing extensive design by the Eames brothers, the living room set was unveiled with a captivating welcome and subsequently developed by a close collaborator, Hermann Miller. The chair and pouf combination has turned into real winners, capturing numerous style awards. Long lasting permanent exhibitions in New York The Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago testify to the cultural impact of the iconic furnishings

The Eames Lounger also garnered praise for his debut appearance on Arlene Francis ‘”Home Show” in one of his finest hours during 1956 “Dr. Frasier Crane’, the infamous American sitcom, also showed a series of furniture in his exclusive apartment

Not surprisingly, Eames office chairs have gained such notoriety. They are wonderfully designed and made, objects in which to luxuriate and do business. By combining a rich veneer and soft Italian leather, anyone who purchases an Eames lounge armchair and an ottoman can sit, lean, relax and enjoy the experience

A continuous emphasis on excellent build quality and design has maintained the original values ​​of the furniture: sumptuous coverings laid on a base of an underlying wooden substrate and thick padding at the base of the armchair

A solid black metal base with polished stainless steel top usually accompanies the modern version: rather than tilting, Eames Lounger is a swivel chair that remains permanently reclined a natural resting corner in order to distribute the body weight towards the part rear of the chair for maximum comfort.

Of course, owning an iconic piece of history and an armchair that has been described as a “cool” euphemism is an attractive proposal in any home or office. Not just a status symbol, Eames’ design has a substance and a quality that is difficult to match.

The brothers’ smart piece of design was meant to create a refuge from the stress and strain of modern life and can now be seen adorning illustrious living rooms, libraries, studios and offices around the world. This leaves only the potential buyer wondering: where do I want to put my Eames lounge chair set at home or in the office?


by Anton Ray

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