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Timber Suspended Floors – Specifications and Benefits

You can find hanging wooden floors mainly in the oldest houses in Britain. But after the Second World War, the woods were limited to use. Therefore, other forms of construction have been adopted. Suspended wooden floors can be used in different parts of the house.

Suspended wooden ground floors: AI suspended wooden ground floors contain a number of panels, including well grooved and artificial wood panels such as plywood or wooden beams. These wooden beams are 15.7 inches apart and are supported by wooden wall plates that are adequately supported by the main walls of the house. The wall plates are placed on top of a moisture-proof path.

Suspended wooden upper floors: similar to the suspended wooden ground floors, the suspended wooden upper floors also contain sheets of artificial cardboard placed on wooden beams. Usually, suspended wooden floors are higher than the ground level. They are known as single planes because the rays pass through a single cross to run from one wall to another.

The wooden beams on the upper floors are larger than the empty hollow floors since additional support is simply not possible on the upper floors. They form a narrow span bridge across the smaller part of the room. If the wooden beams are more than 1.3 feet thick, a binder is used to support the beams. The ends of these beams are integrated into the walls and are supported by hooks or fixed to the walls. The end of the wooden beams which is integrated into the walls will be covered with a little preservative to protect the timber from moisture and the like. Usually the roof of the room under the floor is plastered or fixed with plasterboard.

Solid floors: this is another form of wooden floor with several layers of various materials. The first layer is composed of hardcore compositions of crushed stone and broken brick from 3.94 inches to 5.90 inches thick. This is to provide a solid and level foot for the floor slab. Above this 1.97 inch thick layer of fine ash, sand and weak mixed cement is covered to bond the surface. This layer is used to give a smooth surface for the moisture-proof cover of the litter. The moisture-proof coating must not be placed directly on the hardcore.

Floating Wood Floors: These types of floors are very fashionable and useful. They are not really permanent floors because they only float on already positioned floors, making them very easy to lay and manage. They are not fixed, on the lower floors and in any case. No adhesive material or nails are needed to repair this floor. You can set these floating wooden floors on any normal floor.

Suspended wooden floors have always been a popular construction method and will likely be used by builders for many years to come.


by Kirk Smith

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