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TikTok: the new star is 41 years old and makes videos of vegan recipes

TikTok: the new star is 41 years old and makes videos of vegan recipes

TikToK: food influencer Tabitha Brown conquers teenagers

Actress and vegan food influencer, Tabitha Brown she has nearly a million and a half followers on Instagram, and she was already well known for her cooking show live on Facebook. And now, at 41, she has become the (unexpected) new star of TikTok, the platform followed, loved and used above all by teenagers and twentysomethings. Since posting his first flash video recipe on March 8, Brown has earned almost three million followers also on the popular “teen” app.

On TikTok in sixty seconds Tabitha teaches us to create appetizing dishes, all strictly vegan: i crab cake so popular in the USA (but without crab, and with mushrooms); an avocado toast that instead of bread uses slices of toasted sweet potatoes (in the oven, or in the toaster: to make it first, she suggests); a salad to taste when we get hungry late in the evening (with rocket, peppers, mushrooms and pickles); is smoothie with various types of plant-based milk (of course!) and bananas, almonds, berries, kale and many other healthy and delicious ingredients, for “block negative thoughts“.

Contagious smile, brightly colored outfits, a beautiful afro hairstyle (which even has a nickname: Woman), maxi earrings, well-kept nails in technicolor (protagonists of various stories on Instagram), it’s really relaxing to watch and listen Tabitha Brown on TikTok while he explains to us in a calm and persuasive voice how to make his recipes. It also tells us that the most important part of any dish is the place where we eat it: in the garden or in the open air if possible, or maybe in that corner of the house that we like so much, to escape a little, at least with the mind.

As an actress Tabitha Brown has appeared in several film productions is on TV (from The Ellen Degeneres Show to Will & Grace, from Family Time to Switched at Birth) but, as she says on her website, what gives her joy is cooking and interacting with others, and in fact she has traveled far and wide across the States United by telling that vegan cooking saved her life. In a complicated moment like this, the recipes comfort food from a minute of Tabitha, who recovers with the phone in the foreground because she wants the viewer to have the feeling that she is there with them, that’s just what it takes: with her mini-videos she invites her many followers to enjoy delicious and fast dishes vegan and at the same time encourages them to always be optimistic, because, in the end, # will be all right.

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