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TikTok Famous Mom Puts Food In Perfectly-Sized Tupperware

This TikTok Famous Mom Puts Food In Perfectly-Sized Tupperware

If something flourishes in self-isolation, it is the industrial complex of relaxation and decompression, which spits out new techniques of cerebral shelling at intergalactic speeds. Some newly flexible people try yoga apps or dust Headspace. And just when you thought you would never have to hear about puzzles again, childhood activity is back in full force. But for hundreds of thousands of people on TikTok, nothing packs a Xanax-level punch like watching food find its Tupperware match made in heaven.

This TikTok Famous Mom Puts Food In Perfectly-Sized Tupperware
This TikTok Famous Mom Puts Food In Perfectly-Sized Tupperware

A TikTok account created by mother-daughter duo Roya and Gita Shariat is dedicated to Gita’s strange talent for looking at the right size food storage container. These extremely popular videos share a simple concept: Gita pours, pushes or slides her Persian cuisine into an endless range of containers that seem specially designed for precisely the amount of food left. The experience of watching these videos is reminiscent of seeing Usain Bolt run the 200 meters, Whitney Houston belts the national anthem, or a member of Vanderpump rules completely humiliate themselves on national television. They are people with special talent at the height of their powers. Roya and Gita’s videos now have more than a million views combined, plus a stream of comments doubling C.E.O.’s mom’s spatial awareness.

Going Back To School As A Mom

The magic of the account started when Roya, the social impact manager at Glossier, returned home to Washington for the Persian New Year in late March. Because of the coronavirus shutdown, she was unable to return to New York. “I’ve been at home for five weeks now, but for the first two days, I watched my mom tidy up food at Tupperware with the perfect fit every time,” Roya says on the phone. “I always knew she had this skill, but I finally said to myself, ‘I would like other people to know how incredible she was at this skill.’ »»

Up to this point, Roya mainly used TikTok as a spectator or to share videos with friends. But she realized that she had a unique opportunity to document what was going on in her childhood home. “The first video was my mom putting an omelet in a little Tupperware, and honestly, it wasn’t great,” says Roya. “But I knew I had to make more videos with my mom as a goal. It will remind me of the delicious dishes she prepares or the time we spent together, the hard work she spends in the kitchen and the incredible ability she has to do everything. “

The videos are very small, Roya filming them in real time and editing them in the application using native tools. She adds what she describes as “soothing elevator music” at the end and – presto – viral magic is done. All of Roya’s videos are labeled “My mom always finds the right Tupperware size” with an episode number. The format allows users to get upset after coming across one of the viral videos.

It took four weeks for the videos to start garnering views. The most popular Gita features pour Khorak-e Morgh (chicken stew) into a piece of black Tupperware to the point where you fear it will overflow. The video has almost a million views. “[Khorak-e Morgh is] a very common Persian dish, my grandmother’s favorite, but nothing so exciting, ”says Roya. “For some reason, the video skyrocketed account and subsequent views.” Roya had no push notifications set on her phone, but opened the app cheerfully to find 700,000 views. “I received 99 new notifications per minute,” she says.

Gita, the video star and a “unique angel,” according to her daughter, is a mother of three and a teacher. Like most moms, she had no idea what TikTok was. “I’m not good at technology,” she explains. But for Mama Shariat, it was about making her daughter laugh. “Now that she’s back home, I want to make her laugh and I want to be a little silly with everything that’s going on in the world,” says Gita. “I want the house to be a silly and funny escape, so I enjoyed making these videos.”

Now that Gita knows the application well, she is imbued with new fame. “It’s good that they laugh and comment on something funny and don’t think about the coronavirus for a second.” She adds. “I like to make people happy.”

At the end of each day, the mother and daughter sit down to read the comments together. During the first night, Roya’s mother and father doubled in laughter. Now Roya wants to read them every hour so her mom can appreciate the praise. Highlights from their larger list of results include:

“I was really sad and watching them made me forget where I was,” said user @ispaigebish.

“Okay, but can I come over for dinner?” – @twizitidash

“I didn’t think the vegetable and rice stew would be suitable, but it was. Mind blown.” – @idenli_

“It’s a superpower, mom!” – @kielynutton

Now the pair are looking to continue their success. “Sixty seconds is not enough for the whole range of Iranian cuisine,” says Roya. “I would love to hang out on a cookbook with my mom, as many commentators have asked.” The series has become a great place to showcase Iranian food. “I always felt like the kid in the classroom who brought in the smelly lunch, so I was worried people would make fun of it,” said Roya. “But it’s so nice. All the comments are like,” It looks so delicious! ” And “Drop the recipe, please.” It’s nice to have an Iranian representation on TikTok. ”

During the coronavirus disaster, in a very sweet corner of TikTok, a loving mom with the gift of spatial awareness is just trying to make her daughter laugh by perfectly packaging the food she has cooked for her family. Your move, Glad.

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