TikTok canceled from the United States?

There is a great truth that is emerging from the rumors about a possible cancellation of TikTok from the United States by Donald Trump and, to make it emerge, it is precisely i platform creators. However, it is necessary to take a small step back to tell the evolution of the Generation Z social network and why it risks ban from the States.

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TikTok is an application owned by ByteDance, a company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming which, after developing some native apps related to social netoworking for the Chinese market, in November 2017 acquired the musical.ly playback platform, then later renamed TikTok .

A new platform that, in a very short time, has seen its spread beyond the borders of China to become a global phenomenon (as it was, at the time, also for Snapchat) with a very specific population target: the very young.

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The recent events related to the Black Lives Matter movement and to some political activities born from the bottom spontaneously on the platform have brought social media to the attention of POTUS Donald Trump who has recently threatened to ban the use of TikTok by law American. The reason? As always, when talking about China, the President who had already declared war on Huawei, considered the app a dangerous Chinese government data collection tool. Currently the situation seems to remain in a form of stalemate given the inclusion, in the game, of a new player: Microsoft. The IT giant would be interested in buying shares in the parent company of TikTok and, in this way, in fact, re-legitimizing the presence of social networks within the US network.

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But what if TikTok really shuts down? What if the spite of Donald Trump (who seems to have targeted the platform as much for the parodies that take place on him as for the boycott of his rally in Tulsa) was successful? Well, not bad. The creators of the platform say so: boys and girls, young and very young, with millions of followers who are not afraid. “Even if TikTok leaves, my looks and I will stay here,” said Wisdom Kaye who, with his 3 million followers, is one of the most popular creators. With him many others, boys and girls, who responded to Trump’s threat with a shrug and a “platforms go by, but the creativity is ours alone”. And this is the precious lesson that politics must understand in order to speak to the new generations: the paternalism and the punishments that rain down from above have a much shorter life than any social network.


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