Tik Tok and magic: 6 witches explain to us what WitchTok is

If you are on Tik Tok, you have probably already seen a video of WitchTok. From magic lucky formulas to demonstrations (or revelations), passing through protective potions, WitchTok is inspired by traditional witchcraft and quickly became one of the movements wellness most popular alternatives on the net. Born in 2019, #WitchTok has had more than 1.7 billion views.

The trend arises from a broader cultural movement that is interested in the occult, while more and more people are moving towards astrology, numerology, tarot card reading and crystal therapy looking for answers in these times of uncertainty and confusion. “WitchTok, like most emerging social media trends, is real-time photography of human behavior and how our mental attitude changes,” he explains Natalie Black, trend forecaster of Hierarchy.

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“If we look at the current cultural landscape, human beings, especially the younger generations, are going through a period of great upheaval and uncertainty. And the best way to regain control seems to rely on a movement that invites us to harness our inner strength, to control our reality, to connect with our senses higher and with nature. This, in a nutshell, is the spirit of WitchTok. “

What differentiates WitchTok from other trends “spiritual”Is that he was born online, and that is based on the sense of community. Those who use them show greater openness towards others and encourage them to share magic formulas, to help each other and to explain to new arrivals, the “baby witches”As you become a better witch. With particular trends, such as that of magic formulas pro Black Lives Matter, to protect themselves and their loved ones when they go down to the streets to protest.

“An interesting thing about WitchTok is that it emphasizes the importance of connection and community“says Black.” It is a reaction to how we were before (separate and individualistic) and tells us how to survive today as human beings (staying united, with awareness). “With the global pandemic and social discontent, WitchTok is a symbol of hope and collectivity, which brings people together and sends a positive message. Isn’t that what we all need right now?

Six modern witches they explain what WitchTok is and what it means to them.

Ashley Ryan, 28, grew up in a family observant Catholic and began to be interested in witchcraft at age 14 because he was not in tune with the religion of his. “I went to the library and looked for books in the ‘metaphysics section,” Ryan explains to Tips Clear. “I have learned all about auras, clairvoyance and about myself tarot. I wasn’t talking to anyone about what I was studying, it was my secret. I continued my spiritual path to college, and I graduated in philosophy and theology“.

Only when she joined Tik Tok in 2019, after a friend told her about the WitchTok movement, did she begin to practice witchcraft openly. “TikTok forced me a little to get out of mine comfort zone. When I reached 100 thousand followers, I decided it was time to tell my family about my spiritual choices. Their positive reaction really surprised me. “

Ryan is famous for his magic formulas againstanxiety and for the tutorials in which he explains how to make them at home candles against Mercury retrograde that poses to its 235 thousand followers. Its purpose is to make us feel better, and Ryan uses his platform to help others: “WitchTok teaches kids to love yourself, to reflect on himself, teaches awareness. And how to create a safe space to connect with oneself and one’s spiritual part, without fearing the judgments of others, and without being ashamed ”.

And speaking of the boom in the movement, he says: “We are witnessing the decline of traditional spiritual forms based on authority, and instead we see this imposed community that created itself, without a leader. WitchTok is changing the way people view spiritual disciplines, witchcraft, the occult. It demystifies it, and tears the veil over what is considered ‘evil’ or ‘satanic’. It is a new way of living the spirituality for the masses “.

“I’m honest, at first I had no idea what WitchTok was!” Says 22-year-old Jerrell Hollis, who has been studying the occult since 2017. “My followers have started posting this hashtag on my videos. One day I clicked on it and I realized it was one community of spiritual influencers and witches. I had finally found my home. “

Hollis’ account is a mix of astrology, astronomy, numerology, tarot cards, spiritual guide and much more. “For me, WitchTok is a place where people can be together as they make their spiritual journey, and share what they have learned with others,” says Hollis of his 236 thousand followers. “That so many people are waking up and thinking that believing in what they want and asking questions is fine, it’s really interesting. Honestly, it’s wonderful to see all these souls who come together and spread positivity on social media “.

Kehlsie Jayne, 18, has been in the WitchTok movement since its inception. “I’ve always been a very spiritual person,” says Jayne. “But after spending a very dark moment, and starting my path of healing, I understood many things very quickly, I learned a lot from a spiritual point of view. And I started sharing my experiences on TikTok and while mine community it was growing, I understood that I was made to help others understand their spiritual part and to heal. “

Jayne mail to her 224 thousand followers tutorial of various topics, from how to communicate with spirits to how to appropriate the divine feminine. “I create a lot of sound videos, and when someone accidentally finds them he can take a break and relax for a while“. Jayne first found comfort in the community. “It is of great support to me, and when I need to be surrounded by like-minded people, for delete it stress, all I have to do is go in livestream“.

Melody Wilson, 16, learned of WitchTok’s existence in 2019 after seeing someone on the net that he had built a temple to Aphrodite, and was immediately impressed. Wilson, who works atoutdoors using plants, herbs and others natural ingredients, today has almost 49 thousand followers and identifies itself as witch green: “I use my witchcraft to be a better person and bring more positivity into my life,” he says Tips Clear. “An example of the use I make of magic in everyday life? A simple cleaning of my space to purify it from negative energies, and one sitting by meditation in the morning“.

“I am a witch and I practice voodoo for years, ”says 21-year-old Notty Stewart. “I wanted to share my knowledge with those who perhaps want to take my own path. Then, by chance I heard about WitchTok, and the rest is history. “

Stewart is primarily concerned with demonstrations, or revelations, of ancestral practices and alternative healing methods. Also post video where he explains to his 176 thousand and passes followers how to read tarot cards, and talks about numerology. “Witchcraft can help people feel safer, heal and more. It’s not just magic. And it’s also super fun! “.

M Alexis, 25, raised in a very religious family, started studying witchcraft at the age of 14. Like many of his other “colleagues”, Alexis has also found his community niche by posting “witchcraft” content on TikTok for its 28,000 followers.

WitchTok offers witches a safe space to connect and interact“He says to Tips Clear. “In the real world, it’s hard to say you’re a witch, or to practice your art. People judge you and don’t try to understand you, they don’t have an open mind. But, for the world to understand better, a spell is like a prayer. To pray means to send words of your presence into the universe. And a spell is the same thing, albeit with a little more ‘pepper’. And if you add herbs and candles, the level of energy and vibrations of the event will increase ”.


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