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Tiara Calhoun-Smith of Sugar Suite Lounge

When Tiara Calhoun-Smith is not getting what she needs, she has no problem making it. A case in point: her Esthetician Training School, the SSL Skin Institute in Dallas, Texas, was a natural add-on to her esthetician practice, Sugar Suite Lounge.

Calhoun-Smith was not always a believer. Her basic training was in nursing. She worked as a pediatric oncology nurse for seven years before taking a career break and starting a family with former NFL player Sean Smith. But in the end, she wanted to do something that would provide fulfillment and create a future for her children.

Calhoun-Smith therefore retreated as an esthetician, although she was going in a completely different direction after her training was completed. Starting with eyelash extensions, Calhoun-Smith soon moved on to facials, and as she tapped into the market that set her business up for future growth.

“I became popular because I specialized in skincare for men and women of color,” she explains. “People started getting very attracted to caring for their skin, and I was able to educate them on that,” she says, adding that she really knew that skin discoloration, cystic acne, acne scars and other issues have to do with. Those who influence the black community.

Tiara Calhoun-Smith
Tiara Calhoun-Smith

A Family Oriented Beauty School

Soon, beauty education became a major component of Calhoun-Smith’s business, leading to the launch of the SSL Institute. “Many people started pointing at me and asking which school I went to,” she explains. “I didn’t want to send them to that school because I didn’t think it would get them what they needed, and that’s why I built a school right door.”

While Calhoun-Smith could easily fill classes at her popular location several times, she says, “I’m proud to keep it small, intimate and family-oriented.”

And it is indeed a family venture, with her mother working as the admissions director.

The training school also basically works with the esthetician services that it provides through the Sugar Suite Lounge. SSL Institute graduates can apply for Calhoun-Smith’s paid apprenticeship program, which benefits three people each year from on-the-job training. It also means that she has staff to help her to enhance esthetician practice.

Build a successful beauty business

Calhoun-Smith is clear that there is no such thing as overnight success in business, and you have to accept that some nights of sleep will be unsafe and keep going. “You have to be very handsome,” she encourages. “You have to nip and grind. You have to be ready to stand the test of time. You can’t give up at all.”

She says her husband’s support has also been important, adding, “You must have a strong support system. It is so important that you believe in your dreams and your dreams as much as you can.” ”

Calhoun-Smith admitted that it took her two years from starting her esthetician business to making regular profits, although she was able to cover her costs within just seven months. One of the early lessons he learned was to always receive deposits from customers so that they would value his time and not cancel appointments at the last minute.

He is also happy to do his own research and not to go along with Adarsh. The result is valuable partnerships, such as with the skincare line PCA. She has traveled widely to see what is happening in the industry, stay ahead of trends and build relationships.


Relationships also matter within her esthetician practice. Calhoun-Smith ultimately attributes his success with customers to trustworthy, subjective and, above all, truthful. “I’m very honest and transparent from the beginning,” she says. “I am not there to sell you on a product line. I am there to help you create healthy skin.”

In doing so, Calhoun-Smith feels that he confirms that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to skin care. Or as she says, “I don’t follow protocol, I make my own protocol.” To wit, she has created a vitamin C serum and is currently meeting with chemists to create a full line of skincare products.


Calhoun-Smith is inspired by the changes he can help his clients achieve, as did a 21-year-old man who had third-degree burns on his face and is now almost immaculate. But, she says, the biggest impact of those external changes is on the inside: “I’ve seen people crying because they’re depressed about how their skin is, and what I really help them do and inspire them. Doing and making this whole self confident is absolutely beautiful. ”

While his business closed for four months during the epidemic, his customers were desperate to return. As Esthetician services are delivered one-by-one, she believes that people are comfortable, and her business is successful.

plans for the future

Calhoun-Smith is nowhere near. She believes in lifelong learning and is going back to school, first to achieve her qualifications as a physician assistant, and then to qualify as an MD, which means she has cystic acne-like Will be able to expand his estethian practice by prescribing medication for conditions. .

But her overall motivation is the same as when she first started her training. “I come from a single parent home,” she reminds. “I think I need to leave something for my girls. It’s not ideal for black Americans to grow up. I feel that it’s very important for school, as well as the spa left for my girls. should go.” The beauty industry is never going anywhere. This is something they can continue to do, or do later in life, or pass from generation to generation. ”

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