ThunderCats Movie Will Bring the ’80s Cartoon to Life Promises Director

Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard has revealed a few interesting details about his recently announced Thundercats adaptation, saying that he wants audiences to feel like they are watching the beloved 80s cartoon. The filmmaker also revealed that he does not want the movie to just be for kids, hoping to bridge the generational gap with his take on the humanoid cat-aliens.

“I don’t want ThunderCats to be only accessible to kids. I do want this to feel like when you watch it, you’re watching the actual ’80s cartoon series brought to life, it’s going to be an adventure movie.”

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Describing the project as an “adventure movie” is obviously pretty vague considering that the entirety of the original animated series is one of the greatest adventures that viewers have ever endeavoured to go on (no exaggeration), but the idea that Adam Wingard intends to take a lot of inspiration from the cherished series is sure to please ThunderCats fans.

The ThunderCats property clearly means a lot to Wingard, who went on to reveal that he has wanted to helm his own take on the franchise his whole life.

“This has been a lifelong ambition to do this thing. It’s such an insane opportunity for me. And it’s like as soon as that’s ready to go, I’m definitely going to take it.”

Wingard’s ThunderCats movie will reportedly be achieved through a hybrid of CGI and animation, with Wingard also on board to rewrite a previously commissioned script alongside Simon Barrettt.

First aired way back in 1985, ThunderCats is a science fiction story which follows a group of cat-like humanoid aliens from the planet Thundera. When the dying planet meets its end, the group, known as the ThunderCats, is forced to flee its homeland, and end up on Third Earth, eventually battling all manner of mutants, monsters and the evil overlord, Mumm-Ra. The series has become a staple of many a childhood, and has since spawned several reboot attempts in the form of 2011’s short-lived ThunderCats and the more recent ThunderCats Roar, which made substantial changes to the animation style, much to the chagrin of, well, pretty much everyone.

Hollywood has been obsessed with adapting or being inspired by 80s properties for some time, with ThunderCats fans having wondered for years when it would be their turn. Well, following the announcement from Warner Bros., that long-held desire has now taken a major step closer to becoming a reality, causing fans everywhere to reach for their dusty Sword of Omens toys, and speculate how annoying Snarf might be when brought to computer-generated life.

When exactly audiences will get to see Thundercats is currently unknown, with Wingard busy working on a Face/Off sequel. “It depends on how quick Face/Off 2 can happen,” he said. “We are further along on that, just because the first draft is done on Face/Off 2, and Simon and I are just getting started on ThunderCats, but you never know how these things go. I’m so excited about both of them, and I just loved the material that Simon and I have been coming up with.” This comes to us courtesy of Den of Geek.

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