Three Steps to Healthier Eating

Three Steps to Healthier Eating

by @ Flickr
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It can be hard to eat healthy when you have a busy lifestyle. Out of everything you have to do in a day, eating healthy is often the last thing from your mind! In modern society, we are often drawn into quick, convenient snacks or meals on the go. Sitting down to a home-cooked meal just doesn’t fit into the schedule.

Making time to eat healthy and appreciate your food is more than just delicious – it’s good for your mind and body. Keeping a balanced diet will give you more energy and make you feel more clear headed. Ready to give it a try? Here are three steps to eating healthier every day.


Cook Your Own Food

@ Flickr by Sher Yip
@ Flickr by Sher Yip

Cooking your own food may seem time-consuming, but once you get the hang of it, you will learn to make quick and simple meals for any night of the week. Cooking is a fun activity and a great skill to have.

When you cook for yourself, you get to see every ingredient that goes into the recipe. You can make changes depending on your preferences or diet. This makes cooking for yourself much healthier than eating out, where you don’t know how much heavy cream is poured into the bisque, or whether the cook used bacon fat as a base.

Learning to cook for yourself is a good skill for anyone to have, but it is especially useful for people with dietary restrictions. If you are gluten free, have specific allergies, or are vegetarian, learning how to cook gives you a new level of control over what is entering your body.


Eat More Vegetables

@ Flickr byNibedita
@ Flickr byNibedita

America has a weird relationship with vegetables. Although we all know what the suggested serving sizes are, most meals are still dominated by large cuts of meat. Vegetables appear on the side, if at all – the main reason you finish your green beans is because you want dessert!


Experts tell us that vegetables should be the largest part of any meal. Veggies should take up around half of your plate. The next most common thing should be a starch like rice or pasta. This will give you that “full” feeling.


Another approach is putting an alternative protein in your meal. You can save tons of money by swapping meat for nuts or beans. Or add an egg for a cheap way to bulk up any meal.


Eat Out As a Treat


Eating out is expensive. If it’s not expensive, it’s almost certainly unhealthy! Make eating out into a special occasion instead of the norm. Choose a good restaurant you really like and go there when the time is right.


Making going to a restaurant into a special occasion will give you an opportunity to bring together people you love and celebrate with them. The most important part of thinking about what you’re eating is to celebrate good food and learn to enjoy it consciously! “Live to eat”, as the saying goes. Love your food and toast to your good health!


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  1. Yeah cooking on own is the first step to healthy eating. Of not cooking then atleast eat home cooked food. Veggies do play an important role but many ignore the same. Nice post. Keep sharing

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