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Broadcast Friday evening on France 2, the new TV movie “Menace sur Kermadec”, with Claire Keim and David Kammenos in the main roles, brought together nearly 6.3 million viewers. A ratings success that could well motivate a sequel.

Full house for the Breton investigations of Claire Keim and David Kammenos. The TV movie Menace sur Kermadec, broadcast Friday evening on France 2, had the effect of a tidal wave on audiences by bringing together nearly 6.3 million viewers according to Médiamétrie, i.e. an audience share of 31. %.

Impressive figures that have allowed the channel to be largely the leader ahead of TF1 and its show Ninja Warrior, which had to “settle” for only 2.6 million curious people (but is still catching up on the preferred target of advertisers , women purchasing managers under 50, with 24% of audience share).

Polar, Bretagne, and Claire Keim get along well

“I was hoping for success, but now I’m surprised!”confided Saturday Anne Holmes, the boss of the fiction of France Télévisions, at the microphone of our colleagues from Parisiana few hours after the announcement of the monster success of Menace on Kermadec.

Directed by Bruno Garcia, the unit also with Samy Naceri and Axel Mandron, tells the investigation of the captain of the gendarmerie Marie Bréguet who, for her last case in Kermadec, before her transfer, must elucidate the double murder of a teacher and his wife. All the while juggling her attraction to a mysterious individual who could well be the murderer she is looking for.

If the thriller remains a safe bet on French television – as evidenced by the success of the “Meurtres à…” collection or the Alex Hugo, Capitaine Marleau, and Candice Renoir series – the success of Menace sur Kermadec can also be explained, according to its producer Gérard Pont, by the “much deserved” popularity of its main actress, Claire Keim.

But also by “a beautiful writing by the screenwriters, the excellent staging by Bruno Garcia, the landscapes of Brittany, the humor and the lightness of the story”continues the producer of Morgane Production, interviewed by Le Parisien.

threat to kermadec: will the tv movie which was a hit on france 2 have a sequel? - news...

Possible sequels?

Like Le Voyageur, Worrying Disappearance, or Please Investigate, which were all unitaries at the start before being released in series, Menace sur Kermadec, in which Nolwenn Leroy was initially to play, will he be entitled to one or more sequels thanks to this phenomenal success?

Bruno Garcia’s TV movie was obviously not thought to serve as a pilot for a potential series, but Friday evening’s audience scores obviously push the production and France 2 to think about the question of an after-Threat on Kermadec for the character portrayed by Claire Keim.

“We are going to digest, we are going to think, but if the authors, the actors and especially the France Télévisions team are in favor of it, I am obviously ready”admits for his part to our colleagues Gérard Pont, who seems ready for a sequel.

But what about Anne Holmes and France 2? “I envisaged a small success, and there we had a great triumph”explains the director of fiction for France Télévisions, before leaving the door open to other investigations, without really deciding for the moment.

“There are TV movies that can be produced in series and others that are not. This success is fresh, it’s still a little early, we’ll think about it. But I’m not closing any doors…”. It certainly remains for the production and the screenwriters to find the right idea that will make the channel want to return to Kermadec.

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