Thousands of Tourists Flee Rhodes Wildfires in Greece’s Largest-Ever Evacuation

Thousands of Tourists Flee Rhodes Wildfires in Greece’s Largest-Ever Evacuation

Rhodes, Greece – Thousands of tourists have fled wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes, in the country’s largest-ever evacuation. The fires, which have been raging for several days, have destroyed homes and businesses, and forced the evacuation of more than 2,000 people.

The fires broke out on Tuesday in the south of the island, and quickly spread to the north. The flames have been fanned by strong winds, and have made it difficult for firefighters to contain the blaze.

The evacuation of tourists has been carried out by land and sea. Hotels, schools, and sports facilities have been transformed into safe evacuation areas.

The fires have also forced the closure of the airport on Rhodes, and flights have been diverted to other islands.

The Greek government has declared a state of emergency on the island, and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has visited Rhodes to assess the situation.

The fires are the latest in a series of wildfires that have hit Greece in recent years. In 2018, wildfires killed 102 people and destroyed more than 100,000 acres of forest.

The fires on Rhodes are a reminder of the danger of wildfires in Greece, and the need for better fire prevention and management.

What happens next?

It is unclear what will happen next to the wildfires on Rhodes. However, it is likely that the fires will continue to burn for some time, and that they could cause further damage.

The Greek government has said that it will provide financial assistance to those who have been affected by the fires, and that it will work to rebuild the damaged areas.

The fires are also a reminder of the importance of climate change. The rising temperatures and changing weather patterns are making wildfires more likely and more severe.

It is important to take steps to mitigate the effects of climate change, and to prepare for the increasing risk of wildfires.

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