This Samsung refrigerator suggests cooking recipes, plans your diet and even does grocery shopping


In addition, the tech firm’s smart fridge syncs with other devices to send cooking instructions.

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14 January 2021

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Technological advances have integrated smart devices into our daily lives. This is the case ‘Family Hub’ , Samsung New Fridge, which includes Software Able to communicate with other equipment Is recommending cooking Recipes And even designing Nutritional plans .

The company introduced its smart refrigerator on Tuesday Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 . It includes a screen to access ‘SmartThings Cooking’ application , Which offers Personal recipes In a statement, John Herrington, Samsung’s vice president and general manager of home appliances, said “based on customer tastes and preferences.”

Thus, the refrigerator can plan family weekly meals “In a more efficient way” , Added the brand executive.

The company said in the same statement, “Each recipe is designed to explain the simplified cooking process, timing, and each step, like a home cooking class.”


using the Artificial intelligence whiskey network , The software can also make your purchases directly on store platforms such as Walmart and Amazon Fresh . The app analyzes what’s inside the fridge and adds the missing content to it. Shopping cart To order them At home .

“Families around the world adopt better cooking and customized meal plans with Samsung ‘Family Hub’ refrigerator , “Herrington said.

This 2021, the CES The digital innovation fair was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, virtually as in previous years. After registration all conferences can be viewed live from their official website.

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