Peter Pan Themed Mansion Could Soon Become Alaska’s Most Expensive Home

If you have $ 9 million to spare and a love for the character of Peter Pan that would allow you to live in a house dedicated to him (no, not this one), a recently listed property located near Homer, Alaska , might just be the thing for you. And even if you don’t like Peter Pan very much, this property is tasteful to satisfy anyone who likes imaginative and unusual house design.

alaska's most expensive home
alaska’s most expensive home

The mansion, officially known as the second star (a reference to the location of the house of Peter Pan of Neverland), measures 17,000 square feet, with eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and many amenities. Despite the Peter Pan theme, much of the house resembles a typical luxury residence, but each of the property’s eight bedrooms has its own specific theme, most of which relate to various aspects of Peter Pan’s history. There is a nautical suite that looks like Captain Hook’s pirate ship, as well as the “Darling” and “Neverland” suites intended for children (or at least for children at heart, like a certain fictional character that I could name).

The house was supposedly designed to encourage family-friendliness, and as such, there is room for up to 30 guests in the main kitchen and a curious shortage of TVs. But there is also a home theater with a room for 30 people, on the theme not of Peter Pan, but in the framework of a false Parisian market with storefronts of artificial stores.

Second Star was recently put up for sale with an asking price of $ 9 million, and reports that if it sells for that price, it will become the most expensive home in the state. If this sounds more like a resort to you than a house, you won’t be surprised to learn that before its last announcement, it was exactly that, as you can see in the video below from Alaska Luxury Adventures :

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