This Is How You Must Celebrate Your New year In Imagica

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With the new year around Corn Ar, it’s time to spend time with friends and family, celebrate endlessly and take out the party animal in you. As you raise a toast with your friends and watch the fireworks burst into the sky, it is important to say goodbye to those bad habits, take away all those unpleasant memories and openly welcome new beginnings. Do you and your loved ones have different ideas of celebrating the new year in their own way? Well, sometimes, it is difficult to come to a conclusion, where each member of the family enjoys their share. Come to Adlabs Imagica by the end of the night and have a party. While feeling Imagica New Year, You can spend a delightful time with your friends, experience world-class entertainment, breathtaking rides, premium hotels and restaurants, and what’s more, as well as indulge in some shopping.

About Imagica Theme Park

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With three different amusement parks, Imagica Theme Park, Imagica Water Park and Imagica Snow World, it has changed the standard of theme parks in India. Be it water sports, thrill rides, treasure hunting, or meeting your favorite Indian classic film characters, Imagica has it all.

Imagica has brought a new concept to India with its world-class Snow World. If your little ones yearn to see snowfall this new year, you can take them to Imagica, where you can feel the real atmosphere of the snowy city. Enjoy various rides and games as you enter the extremely cold snow world.

When it comes to fine dining and shopping, Imagica will definitely amaze you. With world-class restaurants and bars, it is one of the best hotels in India. You can plan to be in this New Year’s fantasy and enjoy the charm with the luxurious amenities of the hotel. You will be thrilled with the shopping options here. You think of a brand, and it exists in Imagica. So, Imagica is a special package for your family, especially this New Year, as each member will have plenty of options to enjoy.

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Imagica New Year Party

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Join India’s most happening New Year party in Imagica and celebrate a new year that will always be remembered. Raise a toast, drink like a fish and drive all things crazy in a huge open-air field that is suitable for a hard party for all hours.
Not only loose your hair on the dance floor, but also enjoy international rides and attractions, watching the most amazing live performances, feasting on mouth watering foods. Partying under the night sky not only doubles the fun but also doubles the ceremony. so what are you waiting for?
Book your tickets now to experience the madness and fun! The park will be open all day on 31 December. You can arrive early in the day to enjoy exciting rides, delicious food and drinks and a party with friends and family.

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Imagica experience on new year 2020

Given below are a number of experiences you must pass through to make your trip to this theme park more exciting!

1. Parade and Artist

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As the street dance form “Be Boying” gains popularity, we bring to you some amazing performances by Be Boyers, Acrobats and Hip Hoppers in the streets of Imagica. Have the biggest night of your life! Their fluid and stylish dance steps are mesmerizing.

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2. Splash and ride

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If you are a person who loves water sports, then Imagica Water Park is the right place for you. Enjoy breathtaking water rides from vertical drops to pirate boats and twisted slides and more. Younger people can enjoy iconic characters such as Mini Slide and The Pirate Bay. The theme park has various fun elements that are perfect for their entertainment. Other major attractions include Splash, Socarez, Raptastic, Swir Whirl, Yale-O and a kiddie pool.

Some of the biggest and most thrilling among the huge water rides are Loopy Whoppy (a 90 degree water slide ride), Zip Zap Zoom (a ride through close aqua tubes, Yale – Hey! Water Slide, Swirl Whirl Water Slide, Twist The Labyrinth! And turns. The Schemer Steamer is another thrilling ride in addition to the Roughtastic family fleet ride with drops and terns.

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3. Don’t Miss Imaginica Snow Park

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Many of us admire the snowfall. It is not only a weather or environment but a feeling. When you enter Imagica Snow World, you will be mesmerized by the snow-covered surroundings. With real snowfall just like Kashmir, you will have the most surreal and cool experience. This place is often a favorite place for young people who like to play with snowballs.

With an area of ​​15,000 sq ft covered with snow, Snow World at The Image World offers the best snow experience amidst actual cold snow and slow slides. With snow sculptures and real snowfall all around, you will enjoy a day beyond imagination at Imagica Snow Park. Enjoy snowfall, snow mountain climbing, snow basketball, and many more special snow games.

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4. Restaurants in Imaginica

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Imagica has planned its restaurant keeping in mind the demand for varied food choices by visitors. You will be surprised to know that apart from vegetarian food, you can get pure Jain food here. So do not worry more about your food and throughout the day when you are in Imagica. The restaurants are based on themes such as Roberto Food Court – a vegetarian restaurant with Jain food options.

The Imagica Capital offers an Indian buffet, while a Red Bonnet is planned for American cuisine. At Arrmada, you can enjoy an intense feeling as you take a quick bite. Zez Bar + Grill is an African – Indian themed restaurant, which also offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

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where to stay

Some of the best living options include enjoy New Year’s Eve in Imagica and enjoy a relaxing holiday with your loved ones.

1. Stay Tent with Breakfast

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Camping lovers should not miss this opportunity! Go night camping with your friends and family on the night of 31 December. Option to stay in Imagica with breakfast for the tent and overnight in pre-installed tents. Welcome the New Year from the foothills of the Sahyadris. You can add the number of tents required as an “addon” to your NYE package / ticket.

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2. Hotel Novotel Imagica Khopoli

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Enjoy 1N / 2D at our premium, on-premises hotel – Novotel Imagica and get VIP access to the facilities at Imagica. Check-in at 2 pm on 31 January 2019 and check-out on 1 January 2020. Book your stay now to spend a magical holiday with your loved ones. You also have VIP access inside the theme park and hotel complex.

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How to reach imagination

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Located in Khopoli, Mumbai Pune Expressway, near Khalapur Toll Nakay, Imagica is available by roadways from Mumbai and Pune. An hour and a half drive from any city can take you to Imagica. You can also opt for the tourist bus service, which is widely available from Mumbai and Pune. You can pre-book your trip with the help of tour operators providing tourist bus services from Pune and Mumbai at regular intervals. Train to reach Imagica is another option as Khopoli is directly connected to the railway.

If you are affected by public transport and prefer to travel in solitude, driving your car to reach Imagica may be a convenient option. With enough car parking slots, you will not have to give unnecessary time to park your vehicle.

Filled with world-class entertainment and amenities within your reach, Imagica Theme Park is redefining theme park experiences. To bid on the last day of the year and start 2020 with a rocking party at Imagica Theme Park. With superstar DJs, and India’s premier musical talents on board, witchcraft, fireworks and late-night fun with the arrival of an amazing New Year, Imagica is setting new standards for all party lovers. All this fun among the captivating Sahyadris is certainly not worth a miss. Book your tickets now for India’s most prominent theme parks and make the most of your holiday in Maharashtra.

Imagica Frequently Asked Questions about the New Year

Q. Imagica is the largest water park in India?

A. Imagica is the largest water park in the country.

Q. How many rides are there in Adlabs Imagica?

A. There are a total of 38 rides including roller coasters, water rides, boomerango and many more.

Q. How far is Imagica from Pune?

A. Imagica is about 90 km from Pune. It will take less than 2 hours drive time to reach Imagica from Pune.

Q. How far is Imagica from Mumbai?

A. Imagica is only 68 km from Mumbai. From Mumbai one can reach for Imagica within one to one and a half hour drive time.

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