This 25-in-1 survival gear kit can be yours for $20

If only someone taught me to fish now.


I may have already mentioned my newfound love for Alone, the History Channel series that is part Survivor and part Survivorman. One thing made it very clear: I would never make it there. When I was alone in the wild, it was time to write my epitaph.

In all seriousness, having the right equipment can help you survive an emergency situation. Whether you’re backpacking or just cruising through remote areas, a survival kit is essential. Like this one: For a limited time and while stocks last, the Famistar 25-in-1 Survival Gear Kit is only $ 19.79 with promo code GON75ONF. Regular price: $ 33. To update: Even though I tested and verified the code this morning, it no longer works. Believe me, I’m just as upset about it as you are. I’m doing research with the seller … hope to get an answer soon but it’s hard to say.

The kit is contained in an 8 inch waterproof case weighing 1 pound. It contains pretty much anything you can think of, including a pipe, wire saw, emergency blanket, pocket knife, paracord bracelet, flashlight (BYO batteries) and so on.

There is also a fire starter, blowpipe and four pieces of tinder. The latter counts as four of the total of 25 items. So don’t expect 25 Individually Tools. (That number is closer to 18 or 19 if you count the case.)

One thing should be noted: Here, too, Fakespot and ReviewMeta are completely at odds with regard to the legitimacy of the user ratings, which are around 80 and averaging 4.8 stars. That’s one reason I wanted to check out the kit for myself.

What I did. Make no mistake, this is not a pro-level gear that will last a lifetime. But it’s pretty sturdy stuff; I would have no qualms about packing it next time I go for a walk in the woods. And I think you will have a hard time purchasing these items separately for anywhere near that price.

Her thoughts?

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Get a Rachio 8-Zone Lawn Sprinkler for $ 80

If you have a sprinkler system, get a smart controller.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

If you are lucky enough to own a home and that home has a sprinkler system, smart controls are a must. Trust me: it makes life easier and watering more efficient. And here is the best offer I’ve seen lately: Only today and while supplies last, Woot has overhauled the factory Rachio 8-Zone Lawn Sprinkler Control (2nd Generation) for $ 80. Original Price: $ 200.

I own another controller, but Rachio has a good reputation and the ratings for this model are pretty excellent. Here are Tips Clears Rachio 2 rating if you want to know more (Keep in mind that it’s roughly three years old. There may be software or even firmware updates that are not taken into account.)

Although it is a renovation, it comes with a one-year rachio guarantee, so there is no disadvantage to speak of. You pretty much set that up and forget about it – unless you need to manually do zone watering or something like that. I will never go back to a traditional controller.

Look at that:

Let Rachio guide you to a smarter watering schedule


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