They Are Brothers. They Are Twins. They Are Billionaires. They Are Battling Over The Family Fortune.

It’s time for a good old-fashioned family quarrel. Barclay billionaire family anchored by 85-year-old twin brothers David and Frederick Barclay. The twins have amassed family fortune together in hotels, online sales and newspapers. They haven’t talked to each other for years either and have dragged the rest of their family into a feud. You see, the Barclay brothers own the famous London Ritz Hotel. Problems with the sale of this hotel divided the brothers and their families. Recently, three of David’s sons admitted to harassing Frederick and his daughter Amanda for two months while the father and daughter were chatting at the Ritz. Frederick and Amanda are now suing David’s three sons, one of Frederick’s sons and two family business executives for misuse of private information, breach of trust and breaches of UK data protection laws. Lawyers for David’s family side admitted two of the charges and offered to pay damages. David’s family side, however, rejects Frederick’s side of the family’s claims that they suffered economic loss as a result of listening.

Sir David Barclay (L) and his twin brother Sir Frederick posing after receiving their Queen’s chivalry at Buckingham Palace on 10/31/2000 (MICHAEL STEPHENS / AFP via Getty Images)

David and Frederick Barclay were born 10 minutes apart in London on October 27, 1934, to Scottish parents Beatrice and Frederick Barclay, a street vendor. The couple had eight other children. Frederick, Sr. died when the brothers were 12 years old, and they left school four years later in 1950 to work in the accounts department of General Electric before settling down as painters and decorators. In the late 1950s, Frederick and his other brother, Douglas, ran a tobacco and candy store called Candy Corner, which went bankrupt in 1960. David worked as director of Hillgate Estate Agents, and in 1968 his twin joined the board. The duo restored old boarding houses in London and turned them into hotels. In 1975, they bought their first hotel, the Howard Hotel, and since then, identical twins have accumulated shares in a variety of companies like the shipping company Ellerman Lines, Shop Direct, the retail group Littlewoods, the delivery company Yodel, as well as newspapers L’Européen, l’Ecossais, Sunday Business and all the Telegraph Media Group. The twins were also charged with tax evasion, by putting property in the possession of companies registered abroad and controlled by trust funds. They are also well known for their reclusive nature.

David Barclay’s family side released a statement through Ellerman, the family business holding company:

“The measures we have taken are the result of serious concern about certain aspects of Sir Frederick’s conduct and have been taken in the belief that they were necessary and reasonable to protect the business interests of the Barclay group from potential damage.”

David’s family side alleges that Frederick was not directly involved in the family business for nearly 30 years, but that he had conversations on sensitive financial matters that could be considered detrimental to family interests . In particular, these are the conversations that Frederick would have had about the sale of the London Ritz, the chic 100-year-old hotel in West London. Frederick claimed in May that he had received two offers for the hotel, both over $ 1.27 billion, which his brother David had ignored. David, through Ellerman, denied receiving formal offers of more than $ 1 billion.

Lawyers for Frederick Barclay have released video footage of David’s youngest son Alistair Barclay entering a room and replacing the digital memory card on a listening device. Alistair, 31, reportedly began listening to his uncle by purchasing a standard recorder, which was used from early November to early January.

The twins David and Frederick Barclay were once inseparable. Today, the two have not spoken for years. The Barclay brothers have a net worth of $ 3.9 billion.

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