These Cool & Classy Hostels In Macau Are Perfect For Your Pocket-Friendly Trip With Friends

Are you tired of taking a taxi to school or work from the same road? Seeing the same faces every day, sitting in the same classes or meetings? It’s time to relax! Pack your bags and take that trip to Macau you’ve been wanting to take for a long time, And while you’re at it, here are the best Macau hostels that you can choose for your stay in the ‘Vegas of China’! Cheap, easily accessible and undoubtedly safe, these chic and classy hostels are the best choice for your backpacking trip to Macau with friends.

10 Top Hostels in Macau

With so many options to choose from, which hostel would you like to stay at during your trip?

1. Heisha Youth Hostel

Heisha Youth Hostel

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Rooms offering beautiful views of the nightlife in Macau, the hostel offers free internet, late night dining options and nice interior design. Away from the city, it gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and makes you feel closer to nature. Close to Hak Sa Beach, the hostel is easily accessible and has good seafood options nearby.

Place: Circuit Haibin Road, Heisha Longzhuajiao, Macau

2. Villa Hou Wa

villa ho wa

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Overall a great hostel for entertainment and sightseeing. Offers spacious rooms, fridge and other amenities at moderate rates. Queen-sized bed for two, clean pillows and towels, this hostel is very close to Senado Square and only a 2km walk from the Ruin Saint Paul. It’s also a cat-friendly hostel, now that’s always a bonus!

Place: Macau, Rua da Ribera do Patane, No. 86D, 1st Floor

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3. Villa Universal

Villa Universal

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Near Rua de Felicidades, just a 1 km walk from Senado Square and the Casino of Macau. Nearby restaurants remain open till 2 am. The hostel is old and has preserved some of its charm over the years. The receptionist is a friendly person who welcomes you.

Place: Rua da Felicidade, N.0 73, Res Quoc-chai, Macau

4. Villa Ka Meng

villa ka meng

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6.2 km from the airport and very close to the Ruin of St. Paul, this hostel has a large number of restaurants within a radius of just 0.5 km. It offers free WiFi connection, air conditioning and a clean bathroom with all basic amenities. It definitely offers more than you might expect at such a low rate. The only difficulty one might have is finding a hostel, but you can avail the shuttle to the Sofitel and then walk to Villa Ka Meng.

Place: Rua da Madeira, Edificio Kam Hou, N07, 20th Floor, Macau

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5. Cheok Wan Youth Hostel

Cheok Wan Youth Hostel

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Located on quiet Colon Island and near Cheok Van Beach. Reservation has to be made 15 days in advance. It offers free WiFi and also provides a desktop that one can use if they have forgotten to bring their laptop. Well equipped kitchen with all the cooking accessories required. The hostel has friendly security guards who assist you at all times.

Place: Rua de Antonio Francisco, Colon Island, Macau

6. Sanwa Hostel

Sanwa Hostel

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The building, which is over 100 years old, ensures what we call old world charm. The best rooms come with a balcony and a picturesque view from the window. One of the cheapest in the area, yet no compromise in its hospitality, definitely the place to stay. Its easy accessibility and good service reviews from customers make it a good choice for a hostel.

Place: No. 65-67 Rua da Felicidade, Macau

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7. Ole London Hotel

Ole London Hotel

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Better than some of the best upmarket hostels, Ole London feels more like a hotel in the service it provides, even though it’s basically a hostel. Offering a range of services like free WiFi, breakfast buffet, air conditioning, it offers 3-star accommodation and has non-smoking rooms. The friendly receptionists make you feel at ease.

Place: No. 4-6 Praça de Ponte e Horta, Macau

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8. Hou Kong Hotel

Hou Kong Hotel

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The ideal choice for budget travelers located next to Old Chinese Street, it is also a heritage building for over 80 years. There is easy access to Macau, Taipa and Colón, local restaurants and shops. The rooms are clean and the facilities are excellent. Customer reviews show that this is a value for money hostel option.

Place: Travesa das Virtudes No. 1, Macau

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9. 5footway.inn Project Ponte 16

5footway.inn Project Ponte 16

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A great place to stay, offering comfortable private rooms and only a short walk from the ruins of St. Paul and the Museum of Macau. Located in the heart of Ponte 16, it has a modern design, friendly staff and great ratings!

Place: No. 8 Rua de Constantino Brito, Macau

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10. Fu Hua Guangdong Hotel Macau

Fu Hua Guangdong Hotel Macau

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Located on Macau Island, the busiest business area of ​​Macau, the hotel offers 3-star accommodation. The rooms are decorated in Chinese style mixed with Japanese and European styles, the rooms are clean and spacious. Delicious Macanese cuisine is a short distance away from the Three Lamps District and it’s also close to the Macau World Heritage Area.

Place: 98-102, Rua Francisco Javier Pereira, Macau

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It’s always wise to cut down on accommodations and invest in making memories. We bet these affordable and accessible Macau hostels will inspire you to head to the airport right now! Waste no time and embark on your trip to Macau right away!

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