These 9 Cottages In Mussoorie Offer A Holiday Like None Other In 2020

Mussoorie, popularly known as the ‘Queen of the Hills’ is the largest and most sought after winter holiday destination in the Himalayan region. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing spots to catch a glimpse of the soul-soothing Himalayan view and a perfect place to find peace, tucked into the lap of nature. If you’re looking to get another notch up in your holiday experience in Mussoorie in 2024, staying in a cottage comes highly recommended.

Here is an excerpt that discusses the best nine cottages you will find in Mussoorie that will help you prepare for your holiday. Whether you are looking for solitude, for an adventurous touch to your journey, or the perfect ambience for a romantic getaway, this excerpt covers it all.

1. Rokeby Manor

Rokeby Manor, a 19th-century stone cottage nestled in pine forests, mixes the rustic with the luxurious.


Luxurious suites with vintage decor.

In-house restaurant serving local and international cuisine.

Close to Landour, a quaint area with colonial heritage.

The comfort of Rokeby Manor is very good,with a wonderfull view of the garden. Should i visits this inn again? Yes of course, you can book our room soon.

2. The Tree House

Overlooking the Doon Valley and the Shivalik Range, The Tree House is a wooden house perched on a hilltop.


Unique treehouse architecture.

Private balconies and outdoor seating areas.

Eco-friendly facilities and sustainable practices.

The Tree House offers nature literally at arm’s length without any sacrifice in comfort, an activity suitable for ecotourists.

3. The Mudhouse

For an offbeat experience, The Mudhouse offers a rustic yet luxurious stay amidst nature.


Mud-built cottages with eco-friendly designs.

Organic farming and farm-to-table dining.

Guided nature walks and bird-watching tours.

This might be the first place where you get a natural, outdoors experience amidst all the comforts of modern amenities.

4. Seegreen Lodge

Seegreen Lodge stands in a spot in Jharipani tranquil enough to hear the whispering canopies and behold the world from its green hills.


Cozy wooden cottages with private gardens.

On-site cafe serving organic homemade delicacies.

Close to popular trekking trails.

Seegreen Lodge is a peaceful and welcoming place for a pleasant stay.

5. La Villa Bethany

A homestay with colonial heritage, La Villa Bethany offers luxury and homely comfort.


Elegant rooms with vintage decor.

Personalized services and homely meals.

Beautiful gardens and outdoor seating areas.

La Villa Bethany’s charm and personal touch ensure a memorable stay.

6. Whispering Windows

Whispering Windows offers a modern cottage experience with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.


Spacious rooms with large windows.

Modern amenities including a kitchenette.

Proximity to Mussoorie’s main attractions.

Whispering Windows combines contemporary comfort with stunning natural beauty, perfect for families and couples.

7. Wisteria Cottage

Wisteria Cottage: a small little cottage that is perfect for somebody wanting a romantic and cosy stay.


Tastefully decorated rooms with a homely feel.

Beautiful garden with seasonal flowers.

Personalized services and home-cooked meals.

Wisteria Cottage’s cozy atmosphere and personalized services make it perfect for a romantic getaway.

8. The Log House

For an authentic log cabin overnight, The Log House sits buried deep in lush woody jungle.


Authentic log cabin architecture.

Outdoor activities like trekking and bonfire nights.

Secluded location ensuring privacy and tranquility.

Both adventure cravings and peaceful retreats are catered for in this Log House with its simple charm and peaceful atmosphere.

9. Hilltop Cottage

Perched on a hill, Hilltop Cottage offers stunning views and a tranquil environment.


Spacious cottages with modern amenities.

Outdoor seating areas with panoramic views.

Close to popular hiking trails and viewpoints.

Hilltop Cottage’s location, hilly surroundings and comfortable amenities guarantee a memorable time, especially for family and groups.


The beauty of nature makes Mussoorie a choice of travellers who come here for holidays because of its serene environment.

The nine described cottages are highly memorable for their uniques features and are chosen for their location, comfort and architecture.

Whether you like to be pampered with luxurious furnishings or adventure seeking activities, whether you desire a quiet room with readings and closet or find open living room area more fun, a cottage holiday in Mussoorie is just the thing you need to avoid boredom during the upcoming holiday season of 2024.

Plan your stay and enjoy the feel of beauty in Mussoorie.

Book now to enjoy the charms of Mussoorie through these fab cottages. Tell us all about it, leave us a comment, or check out other articles that may help you plan your next holiday!

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