These 3 States Don’t Yet Have A Costco Store

People tend to hold strong opinions when it comes to Costco. The wholesale chain is well known for keeping prices lower than other retailers and fans keep track of everything from food court snacks and the latest finds available at their warehouse. While members might take for granted access to one near them, you might be amazed to know there are still several states without even one of its stores; among these states are Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming (this number can also vary according to store location). What accounts for their absence? Simply a numbers game!

Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming may not yet make Costco’s cut due to their relatively smaller populations; however, they could eventually do so depending on population density, market demand and logistical feasibility factors. Although Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming have yet to join in the fun at Costco stores nationwide with over 600 locations spread out nationwide; shoppers still can reach these chains through other avenues.

How those without access to Costco can still find deals

Costco fans who wish to bring stores into these states without stores may submit feedback suggesting new warehouse locations, though that isn’t their only method for access. Anyone residing in states without physical locations can shop the best offers online through Costco membership with shipping costs taken into consideration; while traveling periodically and stocking up is another possibility. So where exactly are Costco’s hotspots with multiple stores located?

States like California, Texas and Washington boast the highest concentrations of Costco stores with multiple warehouse locations distributed throughout their regions. Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming fans must wait in hope until Rhode Island, West Virginia or Wyoming joins this retail giant; with time it could yet open warehouse locations within these states too! Keep an eye out for when their doors finally swing open!

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