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Here are some theft prevention tips for you

Here are some theft prevention tips for you

 Theft prevention tips

Theft prevention tips: Make sure that you do not leave your personal possessions and belongings unattended. The items that are not guarded encourage the thieves. For instance, even when the car is locked, do not leave any valuable item inside. If you have to leave something valuable in the car remove it from sight. You can keep it in the trunk.


You would like to keep your pocketbooks and wallets with you at all times. They are the primary theft targets. It has been noticed that a lot of people leave this items unattended. This happens especially when they are going away for a few moments (like going to the washroom). It doesn’t take too long to steal such small things.


It is important to keep the doors locked while leaving. Lock your cubicle, office, room or lab locked when you are going away. Open doors invite the thieves. The doors must have the proper lock mechanism. If there is a problem it must be attended to immediately.


When you are leaving the premises make sure that the windows are also closed (and locked if possible). Thieves usually try to get in through the windows when the doors are locked. Windows should be latched or barricaded if such a system is available.  

 Keep valuable in locker

Mark the valuable items in such a way that the mark cannot be removed easily. In fact, in many places the law enforcement agencies are running the operations to make people more aware of the benefits of marking. The mark on the valuables should be distinct. For example, you can buy the graving tool. It is extremely easy to use and can identify your valuable items distinctly.


You can create markings that are unique to you. For instance, you can have your driving license number on the items. The unique marks on the objects discourage the thieves. This is because it makes fencing quite difficult.


Preventing automobiles from theft is also quite important owing to the number of cases. Here are some really simple steps to minimize the risk of automobile theft:


Make sure that you always lock your car when you are parking it.

You can make use of the electrical switch which stops the power supply to the car components. This makes sure that the car doesn’t start. The switch must remain hidden.

If you are planning to park the car for a long time, it would be a great idea to take out the coil wire. You can store it at a safe place away from the car. When there is no coil wire there is no way to start the car. It adds another layer of protection to your car from theft.

The cars parked in the dark areas are more vulnerable to thefts. Therefore, always park the car in the area which is well lit, especially when you are parking for a long time.

Get an alarm system that works automatically. Thankfully, there are several types of anti-theft alarm systems in the market these days. Remember that an alarm system enhances the security of your car; however, it is not something which should be considered as ultimate.

Explore a few types of alarm systems before choosing the right one for your car.


Bicycles are also quite a target for the thieves. Especially with the expensive and high-end bikes available, thieves get more money from fencing. Whenever you are parking your bike make sure that you keep it properly locked.


Buy the best quality lock so that it cannot be broken. It would be a great idea to mark your bike like other valuables. However, heavy-duty locks can prevent your bike more. Park your bike in the designated parking area only.


There are times when you return home and notice that your premises have been breached by a stranger. Usually, these strangers intrude with the pretext of seeking job or any other seemingly legitimate reason. Do not try to get hostile with the stranger as they may be carrying a weapon. Instead, confront them politely. Try to involve some people from the neighbourhood.

 House alarm

You can also make use of the advanced technology to prevent your home from theft. For example, you can equip your house with the alarm system that triggers a call to the local police. In case of break in you are also alerted with the notification on your phone.


The modern theft prevention systems also make use of the CCTV cameras. Make sure that the camera is visible from the outside. This will discourage the thieves from trying a break in. The person planning on intrusion will think that there may be more robust anti-theft systems in place inside the house.


While commuting within the city only carry what you really need. Do not carry too much cash or too many credit cards in your pocket. They are the primary target of pick pocketing.


There is one thing that people often overlook. Do not flaunt too much of your belongings on the social media. Never mention how much cash you have at your home. Too much cash invites the thieves.


Never share your vacation plan on the social media. If you have to, make sure that the privacy setting is such that only your friends can see it. Do not make this information public to the world and thieves to see.  

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