The X-Men’s Own Version Of WandaVision Was Even Worse

Marvel Comics has its own darker version of WandaVision, as the X-Men have dealt with their own TV nightmare in the Mojoverse.

WandaVision isn’t the only Marvel property that had heroes live in a TV show molded by a powerful force such as the Scarlet Witch pulling the strings, as the X-Men have been trapped in their own reality show. When Rogue and Gambit were captured by Mojo in the Mojoverse, they were forced to live in a much darker version of WandaVison, as the couple was pitted against one another.

In the miniseries Mr. and Mrs. X, Gambit and Rogue found themselves trapped in the Mojoverse – a dimension that’s run by Mojo, a grotesque alien who creates television series to entertain an audience with often deadly results. Mojo enslaves those who come into his reality and makes them star in his own productions that see the trapped heroes fight against one another in a winner-takes-all match. Gambit and Rogue once found themselves stuck in the Mojoverse, starring in their own television series much like the reality Scarlet Witch created for herself on the Disney+ series WandaVision.

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Mr. and Mrs. X #7 by Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Sabino, sees Gambit and Rogue mysteriously transferred to the Mojoverse. Mojo wastes no time putting them in their own television series “Moonlighting.” The show sees them get them out of tight situations while trading romantic barbs at one another, but after defeating a swarm of enemies, Rogue starts to realize that something is wrong with her and her powers. Like Scarlet Witch remembering Vision being killed, when Gambit comforts Rogue he’s turned into a corpse and incinerated.

Rogue Gambit X-Men

Mojo struggles to control Rogue and decides to recast the role of her lover, bringing in Longshot as Gambit’s replacement. The Cajun Mutant then is cast as the hero who saves Rouge, a damsel in distress, as their romance continues on the small screen. However, no matter what situation Mojo puts them in, Rogue can’t stop killing Gambit. Like WandaVision, the pair star in different types of TV series from Westerns, to reality shows. The shows only end when upon the realization that the reality isn’t what it appears. Ultimately, Mojo would become frustrated and cancel their series and the pair would escape the Mojoverse.

Gambit Rogue Reality Show

The story arc from Mr. and Mrs. X has a ton of similarities from WandaVision, from heroes being trapped in an ever-changing television series, to the sudden realization that everything is a construct, to Rouge seeing her husband die in the reality. Ultimately, Mojo builds the fake television series to entertain himself and those in the Mojoverse, while Scarlet Witch creates WandaVision out of grief. In the end, the Mojoverse creation was much darker than its Disney+ counterpart, as it was a trap intended on keeping its X-Men inhabitants enslaved – while those trapped in Westview were unintentionally brought in by Wanda. Thankfully, Gambit and Rogue eventually figured a way out.

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