The World’s Most Pleasing Roadway!

Are you looking for a memorable drive through the twists and turns of the mountains? Then you should go on one of the most beautiful drives in the world. This is the dream of every cyclist and bikers. Every petrol chief has a dream. Yes, we are talking about Europe’s boldest and second highest pass Stelvio Pass. The Stelvio Pass is located near Bormio in Italy at an elevation of 2758 meters above sea level. The thrill of the crowd through these winding paths that are sometimes exposed and insecure on those twists and turns is simply unimaginable. Even though people make a line here for the thrill of those winding paths, there are more interesting attractions around here which every family and friends go to see.

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Best Time to Visit Stelvio Pass

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Although you can travel at any time of the year to enjoy the surroundings, the Stelvio Pass is actually opened only in summer. May to October is the time when the pass is opened, and it is the only time you will see temperatures above zero degrees.

Not only winter, summer is also cold here. You will be surprised to hear that skiing takes place here even in the summer months. So, now you know why the pass stops in winter, right? It is highly recommended that Stelvio Pass be visited in the months of June / July.

About Stelvio Pass

Get information about budget, currency exchange, and activities that Stelvio can do nearby. From Bormio, once you continue driving through the SS38 highway, you will enter the pass. Driving through those 48 herds on the slope of Stelvio Pass is the main thrill of this place. Stay in your car, or you ride a bicycle, we are sure this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for you.

1. Budget for Trip

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The cost of accommodation around Bormio for a family of 2 children should be around 120 to 150 Euros per night. If you like to cook and eat, many options for studio apartments are also readily available at a similar cost. Train tickets from Milan to Tirano cost less than 15 Euros per head. So, the entire budget for 3 days travels in Stelvio Pass will be around 700–800 euros excluding flight tickets.

2. Currency Exchange

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Italy uses Euro currency and so make sure that you exchange a few euros before entering Italy. Because exchange rates at airports are surprisingly high. Most places in Italy accept credit cards at no additional charge or charge.

You can also pay with a few pairs of cappuccinos and some bribes and still plastic. Therefore, keep your international credit card ready to pay at hotels and restaurants.

3. Things to do

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Below explore the activities that can be a part when planning a trip to the beautiful Stelvio Pass.

  • Driving: The Stelvio Pass on SS38 is the highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. The climb from the side of Bormio is higher than the city of Trophy from the other side. There are countless 180-degree turns that always crowd your adrenaline. Driving on this pass requires extreme care and attention, especially when you see those high-end bikers zooming and crossing your car.
  • Skiing: The Stelvio Pass is so high that you will get snow even in the summer months. No wonder the place gets thousands of crowds in the summer for skiing under strong sunlight. The summer skiing tradition began in the early 1930s when the first courses in alpine skiing were established. The glacier here is an ideal place to learn ski. Today we have a slope of about 20 km which is covered by 6 different lifts.

Places to visit near Stelvio

Here is a list of all the places near Stelvio Pass. There is something exciting hiding in the lap of all these places. Just look!

1. Trophy

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Once you descend the Stelvio Pass on the other side, the area is inhabited by the Triofi, where the mighty Ortles Mountains rise. The scenic view around the city is a welcome sight for you after the windy drive on the pass.

  • Tray Casket (Three Fountains): Once you park your car in the trophy, go to trial number 9 directly from the nearby forest. Cold water cross the small bridge on the glacier and keep going through the mountain. The climb starts easy and will gradually become a challenge. If you make it through the climb successfully, you will be gifted with a stunning view of the waterfall. Also, if you continue, you can pass through the back of the falls, feeling the water splatter on your body. Even though they are designated as 3 waterfalls, in reality, they are only 2 parallel waterfalls next to the next. But the effect we see shows it to be three different springs, and hence the name.
  • Skiing: In winter, the Trafoi not only provides an excellent opportunity to ski, but also snowshoeing and sleigh rides with the horse. The family ski area on Mount Oertels offers an amazingly beautiful panorama of the mountain.

2. Bormio

“size-full wp-image-68035″ src=”” alt=”Bormio” width=”700″ height=”400″ /> Bormio


Bormio is the nearest town when you visit Stelvio Pass. It is so much more than just a ski resort. There are hot springs in Bormio that date back thousands of years. Just a few kilometers from the center, Bormio opens doors for anyone who likes to enjoy the naturally warm waters of Alta Valerellina.

  • Thermal Bath: Bormio thermal baths are open all year, and it is the perfect place to relax after skiing on the mountain all day. Bormio has three thermal baths – Bormio Turme, QC Bagni Vecchi (Old Bath), and QC Bagni Nuvo (New Bath). Bormio Terme is located in the center of Bormio and has both indoor and outdoor water slides for families and children. Bagni Vecchi is the oldest thermal complex where you can enjoy the experience of ancient history of hot springs. My recommendation for romantic couples is to try this rest, to rejuvenate without fail. The Purple Nuvovo is most recently launched in 1836. This place is full of perfumes, lights and colors of green nature. Bathing Jupiter with purifying qualities is something that you never miss coming here.

3. Livino

“size-full wp-image-68038″ src=”” alt=”Livigno” width=”700″ height=”400″ /> Livigno- image

Livigno, known as the “Little Tibet” of the Alps, is a city in Italy that has a special tax status as a duty-free region. Surprised? But yes, it is true that the city does not attract Italian VAT taxes. But of course, they will have to pay income tax. Justification? This is an incentive for the people living here because it is very difficult to reach this place and also because of the history of poverty in the region.

  • Skiing: Livigno is also famous for budget-friendly ski resorts, which are often overlooked by tourists. Motolino Park and Slopes in Livigno provide a great opportunity for snowboarding. The laziness and difficulty of reaching this area makes it the best place for skiing lovers due to its low crowds.
  • Shopping: The special status of duty-free shopping here makes it an ideal place for shopping for the living. Buying from here means a minimum savings of 22% + which is VAT in Italy. So, get ready to grab those big brand perfumes, watches etc.

How to reach Stelvio Pass

“wp-image-68039 size-full” title=”How to reach Stelvio Pass” src=”” alt=”How to reach Stelvio Pass” width=”700″ height=”400″ /> How to reach Stelvio Pass – image

Stelvio Pass is the highest pass in Italy. Bormio is the nearest city where you can plan your stay. To get here, the nearest airport is in Milan (Malpensa, Linnet or Bergamo). From here, one can get to Milan Central Station and leave for the train which leaves for Tirano, which is 30 KM from Bormio.

It is recommended that you choose your accommodation in the nearest possible city of Bormio to reach the pass. Staying close to Stelvio Pass is a great advantage to start early and avoid crazy traffic to reach the pass before everything else.

If you are driving, you can reach Stelvio Pass from both Italy and Switzerland. Keep in mind that even in summer, there is a possibility of snow on the roads. So, make sure you plan accordingly and get winter tires for your car. For your safety, when you pass through this pass, there are chains of snow.

Frequently asked questions about Stelvio Pass

Q. Do I need a visa to visit Italy?

a. Schengen in Italy can be visited with a visa. So, depending on your passport, you may need to enter or apply for a Schengen visa directly.

Q. What is the best time to visit Stelvio?

a. Stelvio Pass opens in summer, June / July is the best time to visit.

Q. Am I good for traveling even when I don’t ski?

a. Yes very well. If you are not interested in skiing, you can always go trekking and hiking in those mountains and waterfalls.

Q. Can I fly to Stelvio Pass in countries other than Italy?

a. Yes. In addition to Milan, Italy, Innsbruck and Swiss also have another option to reach Stelvio Pass.

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