‘The Voice’ Four-Way Knockout Reaction From Fans

‘The Voice’ Four-Way Knockout Reaction From Fans

The voice tried something new this year before embarking on live shows – an eight-part challenge between one singer from each judge team, with only one until the next round. It turns out that some fans weren’t too happy with the NBC’s attempt to make a difference.

'The Voice' Four-Way Knockout Reaction From Fans
‘The Voice’ Four-Way Knockout Reaction From Fans
  • The voice introduced a four-way knockout tour for the first time before the live shows started on May 4.
  • For this, coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Nick Jonas had to select one of the members of their team.
  • In the end, Todd Michael Hall (Team Blake), Nelson Cade III (Team Legend), Michael Williams (Team Nick) and Samantha Howell (Team Kelly) were chosen for the quadruple battle.
  • The voice fans had mixed feelings about the four-man showdown.

Todd Michael Hall

The face-to-face quad was released on April 20 and played Todd Michael Hall (of Blake Shelton‘steam), Nelson Cade III (of John legend‘steam), Michael Williams (of Nick Jonas of the team), and Samantha Howell (of Kelly Clarkson‘steam). First, Todd knocked down the house with his rendition of “Somebody to Love” by A republic. Then Nelson’s moving performance Daniel Caesar“Best Part”, followed by Michael’s cover of Callum scottIt’s “You are the reason.” To conclude the evening, Samantha closed the Willie nelson classic “Always on My Mind.”

The voice

Although many viewers seemed delighted that The voice tried something new, others resisted change. Some said it was too “difficult” to choose between the four candidates, while others immediately called the four-way battle “lame” and claimed that it “degraded the integrity of the show” ( yeah!).

Although we do not know exactly why The voice decided to do a four-way knockout for the spring 2020 season, we suspect it might have something to do with the show’s schedule change – instead of NBC broadcasting five to six weeks of live programming (which is typical, depending on Parade), this year will only include three. Perhaps the producers proposed the idea of ​​the four-way knockout as a way to effectively eliminate competitors. After all, the May 19 final will be there before we know it.

Todd, Nelson, Michael or Samantha

But whether that’s the real reason or not, fans should at least be happy that we don’t have to wait too long for the results to be revealed. When live broadcasts begin on May 4, viewers will know if Todd, Nelson, Michael or Samantha have made the cut.

From there it’s as usual … for the most part. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, each artist will perform for America’s votes from their home. The coaches, meanwhile, will also be homebound and offer notes and advice from afar. The eliminations will take place until America has chosen its top four. On May 19, we will be declared the champion.

In other words, we will always come to the same conclusion … just in a slightly different way this year – and there is nothing wrong with that!


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