‘The Voice’ Fans React to New ‘Road to Live Shows’ Episode for the 2020 Season

‘The Voice’ Fans React to New ‘Road to Live Shows’ Episode for the 2020 Season

‘The Voice’ Fans React to New 'Road to Live Shows'
‘The Voice’ Fans React to New ‘Road to Live Shows’
  • The voice will broadcast a new special program “Road to Live Shows” on Monday, April 27 at 8 p.m. AND on NBC.
  • The new episode will feature brand new footage of competitors and trainers Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas.
  • Fans shared mixed reactions on social media and also wondered how the coronavirus pandemic would affect live broadcasts, which begin on May 4.

With the playoffs officially over, The voice is preparing for its highly anticipated live episodes. Before doing so, the hit show of the NBC singing competition takes fans into memory – but not everyone is on board.

Broadcast on Monday evening, “Road to Live Shows” looks back at the best moments of the spring 2020 season. Described as an “original special packed” organized by Carson daly, fans will see the full run of the finalists from the blind auditions. What else, The voice will also show new images of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John legend, Blake Shelton, and Nick Jonas.

“It’s time to take a look behind the scenes this season! ?, ” the show’s tweet said. “Get to know #TheVoice in a whole new way. ?, ” another post Lily.

Despite the series’s enthusiasm for the special episode, Voice fans quickly took to social media with mixed reactions.

“Stop wasting airtime with a summary program that no one is watching …” someone tweeted. “I hope so [these are] new clips with the artists and not non-recycled clips and performances that have been broadcast ”, a spectator wrote.

On another side, another fan said, “OMG YES !!! A full episode of these blunders, nonsense and jokes is exactly what the doctor ordered !!!! Another added on Instagram: “I can’t wait, I love the show so much !!! ❤️. “

But in the midst of their differing opinions, fans on both sides had a major question: how The voice continue his concerts?

Fortunately, Coach Blake has shed light on The voicePlan of live shows in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. After the winner of the first four-way knockout is revealed, the remaining competitors will compete for a spot in the top nine starting on May 4.

“I think they have a plan and they will tell me when to be on the computer,” he said. Jimmy Fallon How? ‘Or’ What The voice will do the rest of the season. “And I’m going to listen (the candidates) I guess, play and give them some advice. I don’t know.”

We will just have to log in to see exactly The voice has planned for us!

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