‘The Voice’ Fans React to Coach John Legend Not Picking Thunderstorm Artis in the 2020 Knockouts

‘The Voice’ Fans React to Coach John Legend Not Picking Thunderstorm Artis in the 2020 Knockouts

Fans say it could be much more difficult for the coach John legend to win The voice this year after the last episode.

In the round of 16 on Monday – where two singers from the same team had to play a solo of their choice, and one was sent home or was robbed / rescued by the coaches – fans had a lot to say about the confrontation between competitors Mandi Castillo and Thunderstorm Artis. For the battle, Mandi nailed his vibrato-filled interpretation of “Stand By Me”, while Thunderstorm opted for a cold and charismatic cover of his trainer’s own song, “Preach”.


  • The voice Coach John Legend chose Mandi Castillo over Thunderstorm Artis in Monday’s round of 16 episode.
  • The storm was then stolen by coach Nick Jonas, and fans suspect that John made a major miscalculation.
  • Here’s what John and The voice fans had to say about the controversial decision.

“Storm, you have one of the coolest sounds I have ever heard,” said John to his mentee after his performance. Then he complimented Mandi, saying his voice was “flawless”.

“It’s really difficult for me,” said John as he deliberated between the two. But in the end, he left with Mandi. Moments later, the coach Nick Jonas dived and flew Thunderstorm for his own team.

After John chose Mandi over Thunderstorm, fans immediately expressed disapproval on social media, saying that The voice coach “Will regret” lose thunderstorm. In addition, some fans believe that John has just handed over this season’s victory to Team Nick with his decision.

Of course, not everyone was disappointed with the choice. In fact, Nick, as fans have pointed out, smirked when John announced his choice. Same coach Kelly Clarkson knew a flight was coming. “I felt it,” she said after Nick hit her buzzer.

For now, Thunderstorm will stay in the series to sing another day and hopefully prove that his former mentor is wrong. Of course, John made sure there was no hard feelings between them. He tweeted after the broadcast: “It was a tough call! @Thunder_artis @Official_mandiC the pleasure was really for me to be able to coach you both! ”

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