‘The Voice’ Contestants and Finalists of 2020

‘The Voice’ Contestants and Finalists of 2020

The voice is about to crown the champion of spring 2020. Now that the blind auditions, the combat rounds and the knockouts are behind us (and the coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and John legend have saved / stolen their favorites), it’s time for the remaining candidates to compete live – in other words, in America, it’s time to start voting for your favorites.

To help you know who’s left The voice at this stage of the show, we’ve compiled a list of all 2020 contestants. Everyone has a real knock on the finale and becomes the next winner on the hit NBC show.

'The Voice' Contestants and Finalists of 2020
‘The Voice’ Contestants and Finalists of 2020

Kelly team: Micah Iverson

When Micah performed “All I Want” by Kodaline, Kelly, Blake and Nick jumped at the opportunity to be his coach. Kelly and Blake wanted it so badly, they ended up arguing – in the end, Micah opted for Team Kelly. When paired against Gigi Hess in the next round, Micah got the “W” by tackling Lewis Capaldiis “Someone you loved.” In the round of 16, Micah barely beat his competitor Tayler Green when he took “Graveyard” by Halsey.

Kelly team: Megan Danielle

Her grainy tone and powerful voice made Megan stand out from the start. Although Kelly was the only coach to turn her chair during her blind audition, she detonated all coaches in battle when she and Samantha Howell caught on Patty Griffin“Top of the World”. Blake especially couldn’t overcome Megan’s tone. Then she made her way through the round of 16 after singing her coach’s own song “Piece by Piece”.

Kelly team: Samantha Howell

When Megan and Samantha clashed, Kelly simply couldn’t bear the idea of ​​Samantha coming home (or Blake trying to steal it!). And so, Kelly used her backup on the singer, remembering how the artist crushed her acoustic version of REO Speedwagon“Take It on the Run” during her audition. He’s another singer that Blake has his eye on, so the knockouts should be interesting.

Kelly team: Cedrice

Former member of Team Legend and Team Blake, Kelly was delighted to Cedrice on his team after the round of 16. Her sensual cover of Peggy LeeThe “fever” of “was one to remember in the hearing phase of the competition. Although John told her after her audition that he was waiting for “someone special” as she filled her team, he finally had to make the difficult call to let her go on the second round of the singing show. Then, she had the chance to perfect her profession with Blake. When she lost her clash against Toneisha Harris During the knockout phase, Kelly eagerly stole the contestant from her own team – after all, Cedrice gave consistent performances throughout the show.

Kelly team: Mandi Thomas

The powerful and dramatic interpretation of Mandi Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman“Time to Say Goodbye” caught Kelly’s attention right out. The opera singer then won her battle against Sara Collins when the two sang “My Baby Loves Me” by Martina McBride. Although his knockout phase was not fully broadcast, Mandi ended up coming out on top when she was confronted with Anaya Cheyenne.

Nick Team: Allegra Miles

“I could say you were really in the message, I was like, ‘Woah.’ Someone so young could be this deep. It’s so revealing of your character and what you will look like as an artist, “Kelly told Allegra after nailing her rendition of” Use Somebody “by Kings of leon. But Nick had also turned his chair over, and she eventually went with the Jonas Brother as a coach. In a magnificent duo of “How will I know” by Whitney Houston, Allegra claimed the “W”, but his opponent, Michael williams, was saved by Nick. She then won in the round of 16 with a magnificent interpretation of Sia ‘s “Chandelier”.

Nick Team: Michael Williams

Speaking of Michael, the candidate has been saved more than once in the competition. Going back to the blind audition round, fans may remember that Michael was seconds away from not turning a single chair while he belted “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. But unexpectedly, Nick pressed his button and turned to greet the new artist on his team.

Nick Team: Roderick Chambers

In the first 20 seconds of Roderick’s song Brian McKnight“Back at One”, Nick knew he needed the artist on his team. When no other trainer pushed their buttons for the singer, the Jonas Brother got his wish. To make things even better, Roderick turned out to be a fluid version of Billie eilish“When the party is over” in the second round and a controlled coverage of Childish Gambino“Redbone” in the third round, proving to be a serious contender for the first prize.

Nick Team: Jacob Miller

The Battle of Jacob was not fully televised, but in short, Jacob went against Kevin Farris while singing Harry Styles“Lights Up” finally came out on top. People who watched Jacob’s audition may remember that the singer opted for a cover of Bob dylan‘The Times They Are a Changin’ ”and caught the attention of Nick, Kelly and Blake.

Nick team: Arei Moon

Choose a Voice The coach’s song for your blind audition is risky, but not when you have voices like Arei. The singer easily confronted Kelly’s “Miss Independent”, prompting both American Idol winner and Nick to turn their chairs. But Nick loved him so much that he ended up preventing Kelly from taking the singer. Now Nick is doing his best to hang on to the talented artist. In his battle against Samuel Wilco, Nick chose Arei to move on … even though it was a close call. After that, Nick again chose Arei after facing Jon Mullins in the knockout round.

Nick Team: Orage Artis

When Thunderstorm sang The Beatles “Blackbird”, all the coaches were desperate to have it on their team. But when John got it, he made a controversial call to pit the singer against another extremely talented artist named Cedrice in battle. Once the two delivered a dynamite performance of “Stay” by Rihanna with Mikky ekko, John had a tough decision to make … and he ended up going with Thunderstorm. Then in the round of 16, John chose Mandi Castillo during Thunderstorm, which led Nick to dive to steal the talented singer.

Team legend: Zan Fiskum

Nick wanted Zan from the start, but John and Kelly also raised their hands at the end of it Maggie Rogers “Light On” rendering. She selected Team Legend, and in return, John chose it when she faced Brittney Allen after the two sang a duet of the Indigo Girls“Closer to the fine”. After a stellar interpretation of Brandi carlile“The story”, Zan ended up winning his knockout challenge and staying in the competition.

Team legend: CammWess

Even if Kelly didn’t turn her chair for CammWessblind audition – where he sang The Weeknd’s “Earned It” – Kelly managed to steal the competitor in the second round, after losing her Team Legend battle against Mandi Castillo. Go to Twitter, and it’s easy to see that fans agree that Kelly made a wise choice. But then, in the round of 16, CammWess was stolen and ended up on Team Legend.

Team legend: Mike Jerel

He only took a handful of notes in his audition song James BrownIt’s “It’s a man, the world of men” for Nick and John to turn around. Shortly thereafter, Kelly and Blake also made it clear that they wanted to coach him. After grabbing the coaches’ attention in the first round, he was just as impressive in the second round when he fought against Zach Day singing Miguelit’s “Adorn”. Not surprisingly, his Bruno Mars The cover of “Versace au sol” in the third round also knocked the house down.

Team legend: Mandi Castillo

Mandi did it Juan Gabriel proud of the blind audition, singing “Así Fue” with grace, balance and voice. The four coaches hoped to integrate Mandi into their team, but she eventually opted for John. John couldn’t help but choose Mandi in his battle against CammWess, even though he thought his rival had also done a great job on Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabelloit’s “Señorita”. Mandi won yet another knockout victory after his inspiring performance of “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King.

Team legend: Nelson Cade III

As mentioned above, John used his backup on Nelson after admitting that he also showed an incredible amount of talent in singing “Come Together”. Before the battle, Nelson left an indelible mark on the judges with his cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan‘Pride and Joy’. All four fought hard against him, but in Nelson’s eyes John was a cut above the rest.

Blake team: Todd Tilghman

It’s not easy to turn the four chairs … but Todd certainly made it look like that by singing Bob segerit’s “We have tonight.” His hoarse voice earned him a lot of praise from the coaches, who continued in the second round when he faced the song “Ghost in This House” with former teammate Jon. Then he took Travis Tritt’s “Anymore”, breathtaking judges and viewers at home again.

Blake team: Joei Fulco

Blake and Nick may have turned late while Joei took over Expensive“Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves”, but she quickly became the one to watch after having crushed her battle against Todd Michael Hall singing Tina TurnerIt’s the best”. In the end, Joei barely beat his competitor, but came back stronger than ever by singing “When will I be loved” by Linda Ronstadt in the knockout round.

Blake team: Todd Michael Hall

Blake and John were immediately in Todd’s performance of Foreign“Juke Box Hero” for the first round. When Todd started singing again, this time offering a solid rendition of “The Best”, the heavy metal artist finally lost the battle against Joei. But Blake did not finish with Todd: just before Kelly could steal the artist, Blake slammed his hand on the button and welcomed him back to the team.

Blake team: Toneisha Harris

One of the few four-chair turners of the season, Toneisha started running when she presented her talent to coaches by singing. Foreign“I want to know what love is.” Blake clearly explained why Toneisha should be on his team, saying, “I don’t even pretend to think I can sing like you can sing, but I know what it’s like to try to get attention of America trying to win this thing. “Then his pleasure Lizzo“Good as Hell” in the second round, which secured his place in the round of 16. Although it was a difficult decision for Blake when Toneisha faced Cedrice in the next round, he ultimately thought that Toneisha’s interpretation of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” was superior to the performance of Cedrice’s “Love on the Brain” .

Blake team: Joanna Serenko

Originally from the Nick team, John was delighted to steal Joanna for his team in round 2 after hearing her do an incredible job with “When the party is over”. John, along with all the coaches, had aspired to work with Joanna from the start. After all, she blew everyone away with her unique version of The Beatlesit’s “All My Loving”. When she lost to Zan in the round of 16, Blake and Nick (his former coach) faced off in an attempt to win it for their teams. In the end, Joanna chose to become the new member of the Blake team.

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