The Ultimate Piercing Prices Overview List (2020)

Ultimate Piercing Prices: We live in modern times and body modifications like piercing and tattoos are more trendy than ever! With the increasing popularity penetrating prices is something that must always be considered. We have some advice and information that you should consider before going there to get a new hole!

All types of piercings with prices

The price of a particular piercing depends on a number of factors. One of these factors is the area where you want to be pierced. This is due to the difficulty a piercer might have when inserting jewelry into the position, along with the number of holes needed and the duration of the piercing process.

Ultimate Piercing Prices
Ultimate Piercing Prices

You should always make sure and research as much as possible about your piercer and request as many references as possible. Why are some things cheaper to pierce and why do prices fluctuate between different stores? Let’s break down some of the costs of certain piercings that can determine the total price of the piercings you are interested in.

Ear piercing prices

Ear piercings seem simple enough and that’s not entirely wrong, but what you may not know is that there are many different types of ear piercings. Each different piercing also has different costs, but most do not cost more than $ 70, depending on what jewelry you choose and what store you go to.

Ear piercing prices range from $ 35 to $ 70

Another thing to consider is that if you get the same piercing on both ears, it will likely double the total cost of your visit.

Specific price overview for ear piercings

  • Earlobe – $ 35 (32 EUR) for 1 or $ 60 (55 EUR) for 2
  • Upper Earlobe – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Anti Tragus – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Anti Helix / Snug – $ 35 (32 EUR) for 1 or $ 60 (55 EUR) for 2
  • Conch Piercing – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Helix – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Cartilage – $ 35 (32 EUR)
  • Industry – 40 USD (37 EUR)
  • Apartment – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Tower – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Forward Helix – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Daith – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Tragus – $ 35 (32 EUR) for 1 or $ 60 (55 EUR) for 2
  • Surface Tragus – $ 35 (32 EUR) for 1 or $ 60 (55 EUR) for 2

Facial piercing prices

When it comes to stabbing something in the face, many people rightly have reservations. Face piercings are inherently more dangerous and require more skill. So they’re not as cheap as some of the ear piercings you read about here earlier. There are the eyebrow piercing, the bridge of the nose, the nostril piercings, the septum piercing, the philtrum, the lip piercings and much more

The prices of facial piercings are often related to how risky the procedure is and what kind of jewelry is required for the piercing. You can expect to pay between $ 60 and $ 120. depending on which face piercing you choose.

Specific price overview for piercings

  • Eyebrow – $ 35 (32 EUR)
  • Bridge – $ 35 (EUR 32)
  • Nostril – $ 35 (32 EUR)
  • Septum – $ 35 (EUR 32)
  • Medusa – $ 35 (EUR 32)
  • Monroe – $ 35 (EUR 32)
  • Labret – $ 35 (EUR 32)
  • Cheek – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Dahlias – $ 35 (EUR 32) for 1 or $ 60 (EUR 55) for 2
  • Tongue – $ 35 (32 EUR)
  • Vertical Labret – $ 35 (EUR 32)

Body piercing prices

When it comes to piercings, there are many different directions you can go in. Below we have listed the most common types of piercing with their prices and the associated costs.

Belly button piercing prices

We’ve talked about ear and face piercings so far. What could come next? You guessed it, piercings. The most popular piercing is the belly button. Generally a Navel piercing costs between $ 30 and $ 60 ($ 27 to $ 54) Of course, just like the other types of piercings, depending on the piercer and the jewelry you choose.

Prices for nipple and genital piercings

Some piercings are not for the faint of heart. Nipple and genital piercings fall into this category. Nipple piercings are usually done in sets of two. So you have to think that jewelry is twice as expensive. Nipple piercing prices range from $ 100 to $ 120..

Genital piercings are a bit more complicated, however. It takes a particularly experienced piercer to be able to perform genital piercings comfortably, making the price a little higher for them than for everyone else. Genital piercing prices range from $ 70 to $ 140.

Dermal implant piercing prices

Skin implants are another type of piercing that is very different from the others we talked about. A skin implant is also called single point piercing. You got this nickname because, unlike most piercings, they are not through and through, but come in at one point but do not exit anywhere because they are implanted under your skin.

Stainless steel is usually the material that the actual implant is made of, so the jewelry is not very expensive, but the fee for the piercing itself can vary widely. This form of piercing requires more practice and skill, so some stores may increase the price because of it. Skin implants can range from $ 50 to $ 100, depending on what jewelry you choose and what store you go to.

Medusa Piercing

Price overview for specific piercings

  • Nipples – $ 35 (32 EUR) for 1 or $ 60 (55 EUR) for 2
  • Belly button – $ 35 (32 EUR)
  • Skin anchor – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Christina – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Vertical hood – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Outer labia – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Inner labia – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Isabella – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Clitoris – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Horizontal hood – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Fourchette – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Prince Albert – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Reverse Prince Albert – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Frenulum – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Foreskin – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Apadravya – 45 USD (41 EUR)
  • Ampallang – $ 45 (41 EUR)
  • Dydoe – $ 45 (41 EUR)

Piercing jewelry prices and materials

When you think about getting this piercing, you have spoken yourself out, probably to skim how much you think it will cost. Are you wondering how much you can pay for the actual jewelry put in your fresh piercing?

There are different material options for your jewelry, all of which differ in pricing and of course in appearance. It is important that you really take the time to look for your options so that you can make the most informed decision for yourself in due course!

Surgical piercing materials made of stainless steel

In the world of body modifications, stainless steel is the most common and affordable jewelry option on the market. Steel is also one of the safest when it comes to allergies (unless you have a severe allergy to nickel, in which case you avoid stainless steel), so all around steel can be a good choice! One reason why you want to avoid this material is that it is not known to be the lightest material.

This means that depending on the placement of your piercing and the size of your jewelry, you may notice stretching or irritation of your skin. Stainless steel can be plated in many different colors, but it is not safe to use steel that is immediately plated in a fresh piercing. When choosing steel, there are some good ones and some negative ones.

Titanium piercing materials

Okay, so you have an extreme nickel allergy? Say hello to Titan! Titan is the next best option for your fresh piercing. You don’t have to worry about its use, as it is actually used in many major operations that require replacement.

In contrast to stainless steel, this metal can be supplied in many colors and is also safe to use in a fresh piercing, as it is not plated but anodized! Titan is also lighter than stainless steel, who knew? Like stainless steel, titanium is very affordable.

Niobium piercing materials

If you really like titanium jewelry, you can also consider niobium! It is very similar to titanium because it can be anodized and is available in many colors. One of the things that differentiate it from titanium is the fact that it can be available in black, which titanium cannot.

Niobium is also not approved for implants, but could safely be used for piercings. Niobium is a pretty affordable site for piercings. So check out the piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted!

Gold piercing materials

If you have a more flexible budget for your new piercing, gold is always a good option! Anything higher than 14 kt is an acceptable option as it does not contain nickel. You guessed it, gold isn’t necessarily the cheapest option for your new piercing.

After your piercing has healed, however, you can always find something that is gold-plated. With gold-plated jewelry, you can have all the style and look of gold at no cost.

Things to keep in mind when you get a new piercing

Now that we’ve discussed some of the different materials and how they can affect the total cost of your piercing, let’s talk about how each shop in every city in every state differs in piercing prices. Why should each shop differ from the prices they calculated?

To get started, it takes a lot of time and money for someone to jump through all the tires they need to get a license to pierce your ears. The costs and times vary in each state, as do wages for living and so on. All of these things play a role in determining the price of a piercing.

Position of the piercing on the body

In addition to the location where the store is located, you also need to think about where this body piercing is located. Will it be normal ear piercing or do you commit to anything on your face? These things make a big difference in piercing prices. Getting your ears pierced is usually a very simple process and there aren’t too many risks.

Start getting piercings on your face and you will notice this price surge, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Your face is much more sensitive, visible to almost everyone you come into contact with, and there are more health risks.

Read on for some popular piercings, along with the information you need to know about everyone’s price.

Choose the right piercer for the job

The person you choose for your piercing actually has a huge impact on how much the total price will ultimately be. Your piercer has gone through many courses, trained for many years, and may have to pay for a shop.

If you have to pay a store expense, it means that part of the money you pay them goes to the store where they work to pay for their space. Another thing to consider is the fact that many people who make a living from piercings have been doing this for many years and have a lot of valuable experience.

Check your portfolio for fresh and healed piercings, check the shop’s ratings and ask for references if possible. Use your best judgment! If something bothers you, it’s best not to miss it. There are many reputable piercings out there, no need to settle down!

Your questions about piercing prices answered

Are you or a friend thinking about getting a new piercing? There are a few things to keep in mind before making your final decision, which store to go to and what type of jewelry you want. Let us answer a few questions to help you make your decisions!

How do I choose the store and piercer to get a new piercing?

One way to choose the location is to search your local / fairly close shops. Start by reviewing the piercers and their portfolios. A lot of people will leave reviews on things like Facebook, Google, and even Yelp.

Once you’ve narrowed some down, you should ask for photos of healed piercings they took. They also want to consider how much they charge. If a piercer’s prices are very low, there is probably a reason why.

How do I choose my jewelry for my new piercing?

When choosing jewelry for your fresh piercing, there are a few things you should consider. Do you have nickel allergies? If so, you want to stay away from stainless steel, but don’t worry, titanium is a great alternative. Both are safe for new piercings and are quite affordable.

You can also opt for something like gold, but make sure it’s not gold-plated. Gold-plated jewelry is too soft and can cause notches that contain bacteria. This is not what you want, especially with a new piercing.

Do I have to tip my piercer?

Professional piercers work in similar environments to hairdressers and others you may tip, and you’ll be surprised that the way they are paid is actually similar. However, the way you tip is entirely up to you. Some people tip based on the level of service they receive, and others tip based on a percentage of the total price, typically between 15% and 20%.

Get the right price for your piercing

We talked about materials, we talked about the position on your body and we talked about how your piercer experience can affect the total price of your piercing.

You should invest a lot of time and think in the decisions you make when it comes to something like this. You want to do good business and ensure that the person who performs this service for you is qualified. Research and use your best judgment.