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The Ultimate Guide to Septum Piercings

Septum piercing

Give your look a bold vibe with a septum piercing. You can rock it with a classic ring, an easily hidden horseshoe, or a fancy design. However, before you get started, there are a few things to consider. Check out our guide to everything there is to know about septum piercings. From how much it will hurt, to cost, to follow-up and even pretend, we’ve got you covered.

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What is a septum piercing?

A septum piercing is, as the name suggests, a piercing located in your septum. This is the wall of cartilage running down the center of your nose, and the piercing should be done through the small, thin membrane of skin in the center of your nose, between the end of the cartilage and your nostrils. This is one of the coolest piercings you can get and it has a very edgy vibe to it.

How to remove a septum piercing

Does a septum piercing hurt?

This is one of the most common questions about piercings. In short, yes, however, there is good news. Although a septum piercing hurts because you’re creating a hole in your skin, the pain is short-lived. It may make you cry or make you want to sneeze, but once the needle is in, the worst is over. It is more than likely that the pain you imagine will be much worse than the reality. Keep in mind that different people have different pain thresholds, so if you know you can’t handle pain well, maybe a fake septum piercing might be a better option for you.

How much does septum piercing cost

The cost of a septum piercing varies depending on where you do it and what jewelry you choose. Prices can range from $40 to $100. However, there are several important factors to consider when choosing a venue. Professionalism and cleanliness are the priority. There’s nothing more important than making sure your piercer uses good hygiene practices, which includes a clean area and properly sterilized tools. Also, because a septum piercing is tricky, ideally you want someone more experienced. As such, it may be worth spending the extra money to ensure you’re getting a professional service. Be sure to do your research, read reviews, request a portfolio, or even see if you can visit before booking an appointment. Finally, the choice of jewelry will also determine the cost. Preferably, you want implant-grade stainless steel, titanium, real gold, or biocompatible white gold.

Beautiful girl with a nose piercing

Where to pierce the septum

When getting a septum piercing, it’s important to make sure the piercing goes through the right place. There is a small, thin membrane of skin that sits in the center of your nose, between the end of the cartilage and the top of the harder, thicker part at the end of your nostrils. This thin membrane is where the piercing goes. It can be harder to get to, so finding an experienced piercer is a good idea. The best part about the needle going through such thin skin is that it’s much easier and less painful than going into cartilage or thick tissue.

Where to get a septum piercing

How to clean a septum piercing

Follow-up is just as important as choosing a professional and hygienic piercer. The best way to keep your septum piercing clean is to rinse it regularly with sterile saline solution or sea salt. Start by washing your hands thoroughly. Next, dip a clean cotton ball or gauze in the saline solution and hold it on your piercing for 10 minutes. Do this twice a day for the first six weeks of healing. You will also want to avoid touching or moving it for the first few weeks. If you have to put it away for work, move it when you do your salt rinse. Finally, it can take up to six months for the piercing to fully heal. Then up to 18 months for the piercing to be 100% healed. As such, avoid changing your jewelry early, as it can prolong healing time or even cause infection.

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How to Treat an Infected Septum Piercing

Piercings can become infected for many reasons. This can be from unsterilized piercing equipment, improper aftercare, or excessive contact with the piercing. Infection occurs when bacteria enter the piercing, causing inflammation. It can be dangerous if left untreated. It is normal for the piercing to be a little sore, crusty and even show a white discharge as it heals. However, if you experience yellow or green discharge, excessive or increasing swelling, or warmth around the piercing, you may have an infection. To treat an infection, continue rinsing with saline or salt water two or even three times a day if you can. Use a cotton tip soaked in the solution to gently remove any scabs to allow air to circulate around the piercing. If the situation does not improve or gets worse, you need a visit to your GP for some antibiotics.

How to Treat an Infected Septum Piercing

Remove a septum piercing

Removing your septum piercing, once it’s fully healed, is relatively easy. You may want to take it off to change jewelry or if you’ve changed your mind. If you change jewelry, make sure you wash your hands well and that the new jewelry is sanitized so you don’t catch an infection. Alternatively, if you’ve changed your mind, you can always swap horseshoe-shaped jewelry that you can hide up your nose. However, if you’re sure you want to remove the piercing completely, the best thing about a septum piercing is that while there will be a scar, it won’t be visible. The hole the piercing was in will eventually close, but it will take time. Keep in mind that the longer you have had the piercing, the longer it will take for it to close.

Do septum piercings smell bad?

It’s possible that your septum piercing may smell, and this is often referred to as septum funk, which is usually more common during the healing period. The good news is that this can be removed by cleaning it with a cotton swab and warm water or an antiseptic recommended by the person who pierced your septum for you.

Septum Piercing 4

septum piercing for men

Septum piercings aren’t just a look for women – men can do it too. In fact, the origins of septum piercings lie in the tribal and warrior traditions of Native American, Indian, Papua New Guinean, and Pacific Islander cultures. Nothing is more manly than going through a cultural ritual of body modification as an adult. More recently, the septum ring has been linked to punk and alternative subcultures and the rebellion of mainstream culture. Finally, nowadays, septum piercings for men can have many meanings, ranging from rebellion against your parents to a bold style choice or cultural significance.

Septum Piercing For Men

fake septum piercing

If you like the idea of ​​a septum piercing, but aren’t quite ready to commit or aren’t too keen on needles and pain, a fake septum piercing is the trick. you need. Fake septum rings clip onto the thick part between the nostrils and are easy to put on and take off. There are many places to buy fake septum rings online, as well as in physical stores. Consider both your style and the material it’s made of when looking for the perfect model. There are options ranging from simple rings to elaborate mandalas filled with crystals. Material options include gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, and even plastic. Plus, fake septum piercings can be much cheaper than real ones!


Septum Piercing Jewelry

Much like fake septum jewelry, there are an abundance of styles and material options for the real deal. However, since the ring goes through your nose for long periods of time, you need a material that does not irritate. This is especially important while the piercing is still healing. As such, opt for implant-grade stainless steel, titanium, real gold, or white gold that is biocompatible at the time of drilling. When the piercing is fully healed, you can try options such as sterling silver or surgical steel. Style-wise, it’s really up to you. The horseshoe shape is easily hidden, which is great if the work isn’t suitable for face piercing or your grandma said your style choices were a shame. There are dainty hoops for an elegant look, bejeweled mandalas for something extravagant or chunky rings for a bolder look. It’s a look that you can easily adapt to your style.



Can I flip my septum on the first day?

One of the most appealing things about septum piercings is that they can be flipped, making them easy to hide and allowing you to wear them in a variety of different settings. That said, it should not be done during the healing period to avoid irritation and infection. It will also hurt if you try to do it on the first day.

Do septum piercings hurt?

Septum piercings hurt, but probably not as much as you think. It will make your eyes water and will probably be more painful than a standard nose piercing. The discomfort is short-lived, however, as the skin in the area is so thin that it heals quickly. If, however, you have a problem with your septum, such as a deviated septum, it could be much more painful.

How long does a septum piercing take to heal?

A septum piercing usually takes about two to three months to heal. During this healing period, avoid turning the ring upside down as much as possible so as not to irritate the skin. You should also try to avoid touching it unnecessarily.

Can you hide a septum piercing right away?

A septum piercing is going to get noticed. However, you can remove it after 6-8 weeks when it has healed (it can also take up to three months to heal) and exchange it for a retainer ring, which will help hide the piercing. It is one of the most attractive things about a piercing in this location because it is flexible and can be turned around after it has healed. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling a piercing to avoid getting an infection.


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