The U.S. Will Face a “Hotter-Than-Average” Summer in 2020

  • The United States can expect a “warmer than average” summer, according to The Weather Channel.
  • After January’s hottest month in 141 years, global temperatures in 2020 are on track to be among the warmest on record.

    Don’t be fooled by the random snow and freezing winds that invaded Mother’s Day weekend in many parts of the country. The next few months are going to be sizzling. The Weather Channel reports that most of the United States can plan for a “warmer than average” summer in 2020.

    May will end with “near-average or slightly warmer temperatures in the northeast and central Atlantic in the Midwest, as well as along the west coast,” reports The Weather Channel. The southern and western interior can also expect above-average temperatures until May, while parts of northern North Dakota and Minnesota may experience below-average numbers for this region. month.

    But things will heat up quickly. In June and July, temperatures will be almost or slightly above average in almost all regions of the country. And in August, most states will experience above-normal heat, with the highest peak hitting various parts of the northwest, including eastern Washington and Oregon, Idaho, western Montana, western Wyoming, northern Utah and northeastern Nevada.

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    A hot summer should come as no surprise. After all, we started 2020 with the hottest January 141 years. In March, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that global temperatures at land and ocean surfaces had reached a new high since 1880 – 2.07 degrees Fahrenheit above average, per American scientist.

    Karin Gleason, climatologist at the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), said The New York Times that they are “practically certain that 2020 will be in the top 10,” she said.

    In fact, an analysis by the NCEI concluded that 2020 has a 49% chance of being the warmest year of all time and a 98% chance of ranking in the top five ever. So, yes, it will be hot.

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