The Toronto Blue Jays Just Signed George Springer To The Largest Deal In Franchise History

Outfielder George Springer was one of the major catalysts for the Houston Astro World Series running in 2017. He finished with 11 hits (including eight extra-base hits) and seven RBIs in just 29 plate appearances, and also made several solid plays as a fielder. .

The 31-year-old is set to move on from Astro, however, and is heading north of the border. And his new team is paying him handsomely.

Springer signed a six-year, $ 150 million deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. If Springer makes his physical pass, Blue Jayce will get a new star, and Springer will get a ton of money.

The deal is the largest in the history of the Blue Jas franchise. The previous high was a $ 126 million expansion for Vernon Wells in 2006. No other Blue Jay ever made more than $ 100 million from a single contract.

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Springer turned down a one-year qualifying offer of $ 18.9 million. As a result, Astro will receive an additional pick after the fourth round in next year’s amateur draft. The Blue Jays will lose their second-highest draft pick in 2022–23 and a bonus pool location with an international signing of $ 500,000.

This is a small penalty for a team scoring one of the top free agents in baseball. Prior to the short season 2020, Springer had scored at least 20 home runs in five of six seasons, with All-Star appearances from 2017 to 2019. In terms of leadoff hitter, he ranks among the top five in home runs, RBI, hits. And extra-base hits since entering the league in 2014.

Springer will also get a fresh start from Astro, who is still feeling the effects of the team’s sign-stealing scandal. He maintained good numbers this season, but many of his teammates struggled. Although the Astros advanced to the American League Championship Series, they finished below .500 and missed the playoffs if they were in any other division.

In addition to the change of scenery, Springer will also get a solid pay bump. He earned $ 7,777,778 in pre-salary this year. His new average of $ 25 million is a nice increase from the $ 21 he made over the entire season of baseball.

With around 12% of the deals signed by free agents so far, there are still plenty of players in the market. Yet Blue Jayce has already scored one of the biggest awards.

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