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Like to see new and unseen places on the world? Then Oman should be on your bucket list. Located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, this Arab country boasts peaceful sceneries and enchanting landscapes that you should definitely explore when visiting here. Ornate with resplendent mosques, historical forts and tremendous natural beauty Oman in December The perfect refuge for those who seek peace and relaxation in an unfamiliar destination. Add in this colorful color of New Year and Christmas, and Oman will give you the best holiday of your life! Let’s have a look what you are doing here!

Weather in Oman in December

Talking about the weather of Oman in December, it experiences a tropical climate throughout the year. The climate in December is perfectly suited for mountain and desert walks. December is a great opportunity for all adventure seekers who want to experience the Bedouin lifestyle and the Arabian desert. December is the perfect month to try sandboarding, camel riding, camping and stargazing at this location. Oman temperature in December: Average high temperature is 27.1 ° C (80.8 ° F), while 18.9 ° C (66 ° F) is the lowest temperature in Oman.

6 places to visit in Oman in December

There is clearly no shortage of places to explore in Oman. Each place has its own importance and beauty that attracts. This paradise is definitely the best place to get an ultimate holiday experience. Scroll down to see the locations below for an awesome holiday.

1. Muscat



Muscat is revered as the capital of Oman and the metropolis of the nation. Ancient buildings and swanky restaurants make Muscat one of the top places to visit Oman in December. In addition, the long stretch of the sea shore makes it a prime destination for beach lovers. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in various water sports activities that will definitely pump your adrenaline. Grab this opportunity to gaze at the dolphins and uncover the underwater world of Oman by wearing a snorkeling mask.

Qasar Al Alam Royal Palace, another eye-popping destination listed under Top Places to See in Muscat. Probably, Al Mirani and Al Jalali are the twin forts that surround this palace. They have been converted into museums and open to the public. The Kabus Grand Mosque is adorned with crystal chandeliers and the panel walls made of marble are truly worth appreciating.

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2. Salalah



Salalah is the second city of Muscat and is located in southern Oman. Here you can explore the Caboos Palace, appreciate the intricate architecture of the Old Town known as Hafa and get ready for a completely mind-blowing holiday. Get a glimpse of the history of Muscat, visiting the Al Baleed Archeological Site. Banana plantations, exotic marine life and watershed along the beaches of the Arabian Sea are a part of this vibrant city, Salah.

The Franklinis Land Museum, a part of the Al Baleed Archaeological Site, is one of the major museums showcasing the culture and history of Muscat. Ships, sea caves and coral reefs can be seen near the coastal location of the region. In addition, whale watching and sport fishing can be taken near the island of Halaniyat.

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3. Nizwa



Have you heard of the “pearl of Islam”? It is Nizwa, a historic city with a rich underlying history. Do you know which Nizwa is the second largest tourist destination of Oman? Yes, it is the conservative yet open nature of the city. Filled with ample attractions like Jebel Akhtar, Souk and Nizwa Fort, Nizwa is the perfect tourist destination to plan your vacation.

4. Rastak



Keeping in mind its Old World charm, Rustaq is an excellent city in Oman which is situated on the western side of the Thousand Mountains. The city boasts of many farms that grow many types of fruits. Taste the highest quality taste of honey produced in this city. The area is rich in greenery and palm trees. If you want to explore the new and old attractions of architecture, then Rustak is definitely the right place.

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5. Sohar



Standing gracefully with its historical past, Sohar is the largest city in the country and is called Omana. One of its major attractions is the Sohar Fort which is known for its elegance and charm. It is an important city and one of the oldest cities in Oman. Some places of interest, shopping destination and Swanky Hotel, Sohar is a relaxing holiday destination. If you are traveling between Muscat and the United Arab Emirates, Sohar is the perfect place to stop on your long drive.

Huge malls for historic monuments and skyscrapers for sun-kissed beaches, Oman has it all. When you take a short drive to the outskirts of the city, it will lead you to the deserts which are shining with sand. Shopping for handicrafts or watching camel races, Sohar is a storehouse of wonderful things.

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6. Bavashar



Situated at an altitude of 80 meters above sea level, the Bawashar city has amazing views. Bawar is known as Boshar, under the popular spots between adventure-seekers and picnics. If you are fond of quad biking or proposing, then the mounds of Bavars are perfect for you.

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5 things to do in Oman in December

Wondering what to do in Oman in December? Here is a list of the best things to do in Oman for the ultimate holiday experience.

1. Wahiba Sands Tour

Wahiba Sands Tour


Sorted among the top things to do in Oman, Wahiba Sands is known for camping in The Sharqia Sands adventure sand games and nights. Here, you can find dunes rising up to 200 meters and dune dipping in this area is totally fun. The shimmering red and white sands and diverse species of flora and fauna make this destination a complete paradise for nature and adventure seekers.

Snap some instable photos with the changing pattern of the dune and get maximum likes on your post within seconds. As you curse the dunes, you will feel like a roller coaster. In addition, the traditional Bedouin tribe provides utmost hospitality and has an in-depth knowledge of the place.

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2. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque: Explore Grand Architecture

Sultan Qaboos


Sultan Qaboos seeks blessings by praying in the Grand Mosque, one of the uppermost things to do in Oman. This magnificent iconic structure is square in shape and consists of 5 towers. Admire the magnificent architecture and feel the peace of the atmosphere in your mind. The main prayer hall of this mosque for 6,500 worshipers is so huge that you will be lost in the peace of the hall. Also, a separate hall is dedicated to women offering their prayers and they welcome 750 worshipers.

There are many amazing facts about the interiors, architecture and design of this grand mosque. The largest chandelier in the beautiful world will definitely impress you. This modern Islamic architectural wonder encompasses a prayer hall covered with the world’s largest carpet. The impressive mosque and the art of this mosque are definitely worth seeing. Throughout the mosque, there are grand mosaics and attractive ceilings.

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3. Royal Opera House: Watch a show or two!

Opera House


The Royal Opera House is definitely a must have on your visit. The light reflected on the rose-colored stone walls of this beautiful structure is something you cannot miss. It is purely a soul-pleasing thing in Oman as this monument displays the finest Islamic architecture. It is a must see that there is deck with contemporary Omani architecture. Capable of holding 1,100 people, the house has a formal landscaped garden, concert theater, cultural market and luxurious restaurants.

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4. Muttarah Souk: Buy Unique Handicrafts

Muttara Souk


Muttrah Souk is a long-standing vintage marketplace, which includes lots of clothes, household items and spices. You can find shops selling Indian and Omani artifacts. Tourists can bargain here in this market, although the prices are nominal. It is advisable to carry cash instead of card, which makes shopping quite easy.

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5. Al-Sawadi Beach: Relax on an empty beach!

Al-Sawadi Beach


The discovery of Oman in December is not complete until you relax and enjoy the beaches of Oman. The beaches with mountains in the background will definitely fascinate you. If you want us to suggest a beach for a holiday in Oman? Then Al-Sawadi beach should be on your top list. It is located to the north of Muscat and can be found abundantly on this beach along the sea.

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Oman is full of delightful surprises for you in December! All you have to do is take a trip and explore it with your near and dear ones as soon as possible. Look no further and book your getaway just before this beautiful destination and become even more popular and crowded with travelers from all over the world!

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Frequently asked questions about Oman in December

Q. What is the temperature in Oman in December?

a. The average high temperature is around 27.1 ° C (80.8 ° F), while the lowest recorded average temperature is 18.9 ° C (66 ° F).

Q. Do they celebrate Christmas in Oman?

a. Yes, Oman celebrated Christmas with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. It is declared here as a public holiday.

Q. I want a visa to Oman?

a. Visa is mandatory for travel to Oman. Also, tourists must obtain a passport which is valid for six months.

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