The Subject of Seduction and Dating

Dating is a subject that most men find very difficult to understand. Dating is a social activity performed by people, and yet it seems so difficult to master. We can all date, or at least think we can. However, when it comes to seducing a woman, things are far more complex.

Most men are totally lost when it comes to the subject of seduction. If you are one of them, well rest assured, you are not alone. I believe most men have either a fear of rejection or a “I don’t care” attitude when it comes to dating and seducing women.

Let’s start with a simple question: How can you even consider yourself to be in a position to become a master of seduction, when you haven’t even dated a woman yet?

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I’ve asked this question to a lot of guys, and the response I get is usually “I guess I don’t care”.

Love and seduction: the new rules of courtship

So where does this fear come from? The problem is that when you are still in the ‘conscious’ mindset, you make decisions, react to reactions and act on the basis of your desires.

But as soon as you get into the ‘in control’ mindset (not so easy) your decisions, reactions and actuations become automatic and mechanical.

Every time you go out on a date, you won’t feel the excitement of seducing a woman. You won’t visualise it, you won’t enjoy the process. In other words, every single moment is purely about getting something from the woman.

And that’s simply NOT the way it works.

Most guys get the drift, but don’t really get the big picture. If you want to master the art of seduction, you need to understand the big picture, so that your mind is gainingbeliefs about the world (beliefs are simple loops in your brain)..

In our conscious minds, we are normally running in a set of routines. These routines are usually in the form of thoughts, questions, exclamations, clothes, actions, smells and touch.

Then, in our subconscious minds, we come up with the reasons why those thoughts and actions are in fact, possibilities.

The great thing is that you can separate out your ‘movie’ self and all the other trivial stuff, to the point where you will HAVE to work on the attraction aspect of the relationship, because that is the core and LIFEST PART of it all.

You could say that seduction is like a movie in which you see the story unfold in front of your eyes one moment, and then another, and another. Not only that, but you can choose which part of the film you view..

To make it simple, you could say that there are 6 movies in the universe (not including life) and every one is about a specific theme (otion, food, love, exercise, cars, hi- technologically based, or simply wealthy men with lots of sex andcoffee).

And you are currently seeing the scene (no pun intended) in your own movie theatre.

Now let’s say sometime during the love game, you get a properly rolled out movie. Right there you are seeing the entire movie, YOU HAVE TO MEET HER, thought inFiguring out how to meet women.

You’d be laughing and cheering like crazy, and then again, your mind would be52.

But then halfway through, you realize something has gone wrong. Rather than enjoying the ‘story’, you are now thinking “She isn’t that into me. She won’t give me any ofthis. She’s looking for someone else.”

And you know WHAT? You’ll be able to tell just by observing the woman that you are with, whether she has deep feelings for you or not.

You can look at her for a couple hours and not even pick up on that SAME distinctive ‘flirting signal’ unless it’s in your subconscious. But if you ARE seeing that, then you know you can move on and meet someone else. So even if she’s giving you all thesignals, and has the patience in the world, you better be able to tell, because quite often, they are just fooling around.

But the good part is, that if you can learn these things, you’ll start off seeing attraction signals, to boot. All of these incredibly easy signals of attraction, will mean nothing in terms of confidence and success in meeting women, until you can get over the old ‘guilt of behaving’ that stops you taking action.

But that’s another story. Stay tuned for another one.

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