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The stylists in the time of the coronavirus: Roger Vivier

The stylists in the time of the coronavirus: Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier’s creative director, Gherardo Felloni, shared some private thoughts with Fashion Italia during his self-isolation on Giglio Island: how to work remotely, his new routine, what he misses most about pre-COVID life and what could happen after the crisis.

The stylists in the time of the coronavirus
The stylists in the time of the coronavirus

How are you going through these lockdown days?

In the island of Giglio, in the Tuscan archipelago, in my house, a disused lighthouse built in 1830 by Grand Duke Ferdinando IV before the unification of Italy. I am surrounded by nature, with a lot of open space, I can consider myself very lucky to be here right now.

What do you miss most? And what is the first thing you will do as soon as possible?

I really miss traveling, it’s something I love, but it will be a slow return I guess. I also miss my cat, Mina, who has remained in Paris in good company.

New projects coming out or ideas you are working on?

I’m mainly focusing on the September Roger Vivier collection. We are also working on projects pending the reopening of the factories.

A book, a record and a TV series that you have discovered these days?

My partner and I are listening to Giuni Russo’s vinyl, Alghero. We just finished watching Tiger King on Netflix, an American series that talks about a zoo of wild animals: it is surreal for us Europeans to imagine that all this is possible, look at it! Among the books I am covering Transvestite by Lisetta Carmi, a wonderful photography book.

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An inevitable thing in the new daily routine?

Gardening. I am working from 6 in the morning until before dinner to plant my garden, I take advantage of spring.

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Which corner of the house do you prefer the most?

I’d say the garden, but inside the house, there is certainly a small living room where we often watch TV series in front of the fireplace before sleeping.

How is it possible to support Italian fashion right now?

Surely, as far as we creatives are concerned, it is important to continue creating even in such a difficult situation. I believe that our task remains above all to share our dreams with others.

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