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The stylists in the time of the coronavirus: Palm Angels

The stylists in the time of the coronavirus: Palm Angels

Palm Angels creative director Francesco Ragazzi shared some private thoughts with Fashion Italia during his self-isolation in Milan: how to work remotely, his new routine, what he misses most about pre-COVID life and what could happen after the crisis.

Palm Angels
Palm Angels

How are you going through these lockdown days?

I’m on the 70th lockdown day. I really want to start over and find a new routine. I lived this experience in Italy, the worst and best place at the same time at the moment: better because I lived a sense of belonging that I never imagined, the worst side we all know, unfortunately.

Francesco Ragazzi across the screen

What do you miss most? And what is the first thing you will do as soon as possible?

I miss the normality of going to the office and stopping for a coffee on the street, being with my team. To travel. In the past few years, I have never been in one place for more than a week.

New projects or ideas you are working on?

So many who must be complementary to fashion, we creatives do not have to and can no longer be pigeonholed. When everything is over it will be our duty to make this whole new world more beautiful.

The designer’s favorite chair

A TV series and a record that you have discovered these days?

I am watching The Last Dance is Ozark on Netflix. As music I am listening to a playlist on Spotify that I made at the beginning of this period, “EVERYTHING’S S GONNA BE ALRIGHT”.

An inevitable thing in the new daily routine?

The game of ping pong.

Which corner of the house do you prefer the most?

My chair-desk where I start doing research and video calls, but also my wine cellar.

The designer’s wine cellar

How is it possible to support Italian fashion right now?

We need to support the supply chain, we also exist thanks to artisans and small companies that produce beautiful things for us. We need to focus on the concept of Made in Italy as much as possible.

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