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The stylists at the time of the coronavirus: Genny

The stylists at the time of the coronavirus: Genny

Genny’s creative director, Sara Cavazza Facchini, shared some private thoughts with Fashion Italia during her self-isolation in Verona: how to work remotely, her new routine, what she misses most about pre-COVID life and what could happen after the crisis.

The stylists at the time of the coronavirus
The stylists at the time of the coronavirus

How are you going through these lockdown days?

I am in my home in the historic center of Verona. It is incredible to observe how nature has entered the city bringing a feeling of absolute peace, where the birdsong cheers the days, the rustle of the waters of the Adige river recalls enchanting landscapes and the light of the sun colors the city of a thousand shades from dawn at sunset. I spend the days between calls Skype with my team on the creation of the next collection rather than trying to understand what will happen after the lockdown and above all how to face the new world.

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Being at home has strengthened the bond with my family; I spend long evenings with my boys, having fun between games of Monopoli and burraco, moments in the kitchen, but also first experiments with haircuts and makeup tutorials and I also involved everyone in my pilates lessons. My favorite moments remain those of sharing and complicity even if I simply stay together in front of the TV.

What do you miss most? And what is the first thing you will do as soon as possible?

What I miss most is being able to leave the house feeling free, for the sole pleasure of wandering even without a purpose. I love getting lost in the city and in the world. The first thing I will do will be a long walk in the middle of nature and feel the sun warm my body and the wind breeze on my face. It makes me feel alive.

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New projects or ideas you are working on?

There are many ideas that can generate new projects. In these months a world has ended and now a new one is being born. I am thinking back on how to make fashion: what my customers want to wear, how they want to experience fashion and how they will get in touch with it. I think we will inevitably move on to a digitized reality of our daily life.

A book, a record, a film and a TV series that you have discovered these days?

I have reviewed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, incomparable for the elegance, charm and beauty of Audrey Hepburn. Pink Floyd are accompanying me, the music that vibrates in your body is pure energy. I read the book The future is faster then what you think, speaks of the evolution of technology, very interesting but at the same time a bit upsetting. Among the TV series I liked it very much The Viking in which I immersed myself in a completely different world from ours.

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Which room in the house do you prefer the most?

There fresco room so-called because of its nature and position. I love it because it overlooks Porta Borsari, one of the entrances to the ancient city. I like to admire its architecture, both day and night, it always fascinates me.

How is it possible to support Italian fashion right now?

We must allow it to exist, to be there. Fashion does not need stimuli because in itself it is a driving force, creates trends, reinvents itself, is reborn; you just have to give it the opportunity to operate, to move, to create.

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