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The idea came to Mrs. Estée Lauder in person: to give samples of samples to the customers of her New York store to make them try the products. It was the 1930s and one of the simplest and most effective marketing strategies began. Over the years, the small sample formats have become a cornerstone of beauty purchases. They have allowed companies to make more and more products known to consumers, and the latter to discover new ones of their own interest, or more simply to receive a gratifying post-shopping gift.

Today, following the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in online purchases, the samples become personalized tools of conscious pre-purchase: shopping now starts directly from the samples, which are purchased to try a product and be sure that it is suitable to their needs avoiding waste. «The aim is to buy better and less», say Simona Tamassia and Linda Romano, founder of, an online boutique built around the beauty inside out philosophy, which launched the Sample Box, a digital consultancy followed by the sending of personalized échantillon. “Through some questions on the skin we are able to send the skincare samples suitable for the customer’s needs, who can try them and evaluate the purchase of the full size”, explains Tamassia.

Personalization is also the heart of the haircare brand. “Choosing hair products online is not easy,” says founder Manuel Corona. «It is based on reviews and articles, but we cannot know for sure if the product that intrigues us is specific to our hair. Shampora fills this void, giving the client the opportunity to describe in detail the characteristics of his hair, through a questionnaire of 30 questions, then analyzed by an algorithm that combines the different data with each other ». The result is products created around the person, which are also complemented with the label of their name. And that make the shopping experience easier even at this stage.

In order to facilitate online beauty purchases, the platform was created WIKIPARFUM , search engine with a digital library of olfactory ingredients that offers up to 5000 different fragrances.

From Tips Clear Italia, n. 839, July / August 2020


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