The Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing: What You Need to Know

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing: Tongue piercings are nothing new; Tongue piercings began to gain traction in the late 80s and early 90s. People love them because they are easier to hide than other types of piercing – as long as you learn how to use jewelry – and they offer a sensual aspect that people love.

As tongue piercings become more popular, people have started looking for ways to make their tongue piercings truly unique. This has led to piercing types such as multiple tongue piercings, surface tongue piercings and the subject of this article, tongue piercing with snake eyes.

Due to the location of the tongue piercing of the snake eyes, those interested in this type of piercing need to be aware of certain risks and be extra careful during healing. It can often be difficult to get used to the jewelry on the tip of the tongue, and it’s not uncommon for people to have broken teeth after accidentally biting on the jewelry.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing
Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

Although many piercers advise against this piercing, we understand that once you put your heart on a piercing, it can be difficult to let go. We want you to enjoy safe piercing and healthy healing practices. That is why we have put together a guide that highlights the potential risks of this piercing, safe implementation, and proper follow-up practices. Here’s what you need to know about snake eye tongue piercing.

What is the tongue piercing of the snake eyes?

The piercing of the snake eyes takes place at the tip of the tongue. When you stick your tongue out, the jewelry ends look a bit like snake eyes, and your tongue may resemble a snake that sticks out of your mouth.

This piercing looks like a double piercing because the ball ends of the jewelry stick out on both sides of your tongue, but actually fall under the surface piercing category. As such, it is a long piercing that is filled with a curved barbell. This makes it perfect for those who want a double-pierced look without having to go through two piercings.

However, the position of the piercing also harbors unique risks, which we will discuss in more detail later. This is because the jewelry is easy to chew, which can cause tooth breakage, and the jewelry pierces two independent muscles in the tongue, which could be a problem.

How long does it take for the snake eye piercing to heal?

The snake eye piercing will last at least Cure 8 weeks. Remember that this is the minimum healing time. Even if you do everything right, healing can take longer. For this reason, your piercer should always look to see if the piercing has healed before stopping aftercare or changing jewelry.

Your tongue swells in the first few days after the piercing, which means that you will first need a longer piece of jewelry to account for the swelling. Especially in the first weeks of healing, you need to be extra careful when you get used to the new jewelry. It’s a good idea to stick to soft foods first so you don’t have to chew as much. You should also not speak as much as possible, as moving your tongue shakes the jewelry, which can lead to the jewelry being rejected.

Snake eyes penetrate aftercare

The healing process for a snake eye piercing is no different from other oral piercing types. Clean it 2-3 times a day with a saline aftercare solution. (Since this piercing is in the mouth, it is a good idea to clean the piercing after every meal to remove food debris.) Many piercers may recommend a piercing aftercare solution that is specifically designed for oral piercings and can gargle safely.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is an important part of aftercare for snake eyes.

DO NOT use mouthwash with alcohol. This will irritate the piercing and it will hurt. With that in mind, you should also avoid eating spicy or sour foods as your tongue piercing heals. Avoid anything you don’t want to expose to an open wound.

You also need to pay attention to the size of the jewelry. Your piercer will equip you with a larger initial piece of jewelry to compensate for swelling. This helps avoid problems like embedded jewelry, but it also means that your jewelry is a little more in your way. Once the swelling has gone down in a week or so, you should see your piercer to see if you can get fit with a smaller piece that is easier to handle.

Conversely, you should also keep an eye on your piercing for the first week to ensure that the original jewelry you are equipped with is large enough. The tongue can swell considerably and you don’t want your piercing holes to press against the ball ends of your jewelry. If your jewelry presses against your skin or feels tight, go to your piercer immediately to get a piece that fits better.

Piercing process for snake eyes

As with any piercing, you should make sure your piercer is reputable prior to piercing and have a quick look around the studio to make sure it is extremely hygienic. It is a good idea to examine the studio beforehand to ensure that safe practices are followed, e.g. B. an on-site autoclave sterilizer and all required certifications.

The process for snake eye piercing is similar to any other surface piercing. Your piercer will take a look at your tongue to make sure it’s in an area that doesn’t pierce nerves or blood vessels. You should clean your mouth with a mouthwash to kill bacteria. Then mark the puncture points and have the placement confirmed. Keep in mind that the placement largely depends on the anatomy of your tongue and your piercer must pierce it safely. While you may have a say in placement, most of that decision depends on your tongue.

Make sure you research your piercer completely before making an appointment.

Finally, stick your tongue out as far as possible and the piercer uses a sharp, hollow needle to simultaneously create the piercing and pull the jewelry through.

Piercing the tip of your tongue is generally more painful than piercing the center of your tongue. So if you have a normal tongue piercing, keep in mind that you may have a little more pain. However, the process should be quick and is usually less painful than most people expect.

Piercing risks for snake eyes

In the piercing world, snake eye piercing is quite controversial. Many piercers even refuse to do this type of piercing. Those who do this often recommend against piercing, but they do it anyway because they want to make sure you get pierced safely. Before you get this piercing, it is important that you fully consider these risks and may choose a different tongue piercing style instead.

This piercing goes through two tongue muscles that work independently. Many piercers worry about the long-term damage caused by piercing these two muscles with a horizontal piece of jewelry.

The placement of the jewelry also causes problems. Any piercing in or around the mouth carries some oral risks. You can chew on the jewelry and possibly break your teeth. When you speak, the jewelry can rub on your teeth and gums, causing a decrease in gum lines and tooth enamel wear, which can lead to tooth decay in the long run. While lip piercings and standard tongue piercings can be placed to minimize this damage, snake eye piercings are likely to rub your teeth frequently and increase the risk of tooth damage.

There is also a high risk of jewelry rejection. When you speak, the tip of your tongue moves quite a bit, which messes up the jewelry in your piercing – a big no-no during healing. Because of this, snake-eye piercings often see rejection that can lead to scars and other complications.

If you’re looking for the next hottest piercing, snake-eye piercing may be the perfect addition to your piercing repertoire. However, there are certain risks associated with piercing. If you have completely decided on this type of piercing and have decided that the risks are worth it, take your time to find a reputable piercer with the skills to perform this piercing safely and successfully.

Keep in mind that your search for a reputable piercer who is ready to do this piercing may be tedious, and you shouldn’t just choose the first piercer who says he will. You want to find someone who has experience with this special type of piercing and who can safely pierce you. (If you live in a rural area, this may mean a trip to the nearest town to find a reputable piercer with this expertise.)

Snake eyes tongue piercing jewelry

While you are considering whether the snake eye piercing is right for you, here are some curved barbell pieces for each new piercing you choose.

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