The Secret to Ripping Out Anger at the Root Don’t Destroy Relationships

Ripping Out Anger: Walking around like a boiling kettle is never fun, but when you spend most of your life in a similar way and you don’t understand what causes it, it is even more painful.

The psychological effect of anger is not only harmful to the individual, but it also destroys relationships, families, and cripples our ability to form deeper relationships with others as we drive people away from passing.

My own personal relationship and control with anger lasted for years. When I did not find my way, or I did not understand, I screamed and burst to silence the other person. The most embarrassing time I remember was when I was trying to get a TV show deal. It didn’t go my way so I blew the TV agent over the phone.

No, I never heard of that again.

When we calm down we get confused because we say “Why did I show this?” And then we spend the day beating ourselves up.

This is the cycle of anger.

For many years, I thought I would just have to ‘manage’ my anger and this part of me would always be with me, but the more I started learning about the energy of anger and how it worked at the quantum physics level Hai, I started to understand that I could actually rip it from the root, which I did.

In this article, I would like to bring to your notice that years of very strong, powerful anger can dissolve in an instant.

When someone contacted me and told me they had a 30-year-old “angry cry”, the first step was to find out if they were aware of the root cause.

Why we anger is not the same as the root of anger. If we snap because our partner is not doing something that we want, the anger is rarely there, it is much deeper. In the case of this person, he was unaware that the reason for his anger, which was affecting his relationships, was his interactions with important customers because his father had left him when he was a child.

His nervous system had never solved the problem from the past. His body was not relaxed and he had no problem with it. Energy required to be released.

In the simplest terms, if an event is left unresolved, it will break apart in some way, many times we are completely unaware that they are connected. Think of any events that are unresolved in your life. It is what it is, it just cannot show as anger.

For example, when I was younger, I was bullied. Because he remained unresolved in my body and because I did not stand up for myself, it caused a lack of connection with others and then addictions to calm myself.

When a traumatic event occurs (interruption of normal energy flow), our body goes into battle / flight.

With animals, you will see that they often shake themselves as if they had just come out of the water. This is actually the dog resetting its energy. If a dog is attacked, frightened, or stunned, it will shake itself, thus resetting its energetic system.

As humans, especially as children, we do not have ways or strategies to energetically reset ourselves. So much of the population is wandering into adult children as frightened children.

When we take our toys out of the pram, it is not the ‘us’ that is angry, it is the part of us that is angry that is showing at the moment. The child shows up and wants to be understood. In most cases, anger is the energy of the past, showing in the present.

It is great to have this awareness as a starting point, because the next time you are angry, you can say to yourself “I see that a part of me is showing up right now, that’s not true.” “.

There is a challenge for many people who are angry, they suppress it and then it turns into a very unhealthy outbreak. Alternatively, it will be completely suppressed by substances and then manifest as anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

Healthy self-expression is another important element of healing anger because what some people do is not talk about how they feel because they think they will upset or lose someone who they know Make love So when we suppress anger or do not express how we really feel, it becomes a monumental issue for the body.

Root out anger, once and for all

Before I explain this process, I want to explain here that even if a person recovers from 30 years of anger, it is not that that person will not get angry again. It is that the anger associated with that incident has dissolved. When anger reappears, there will be a different level about it, and therefore the response will be different. An event will occur and be handled consciously and in a destructive versus healthy manner.

Once we know what is causing the event, after going back through the time of our lives and recognizing when the anger started, we cannot meet the moments of pain and the needs of that time.

You can start by writing all your triggers in anger and then ask these five questions:

Why am I really angry?

What should I feel in this moment?

What do I want at this time?

Where do I feel it in my body?

Am I willing to go deep?

Then if you close your eyes and then present yourself with complete anger, you can start realizing what it is, energy.

It is about your temper becoming intelligent both emotionally and energetically and it is a superpower because you are getting on with it, versus against it.

In the example of a man’s father leaving, we should point at the shift of energy in the body. We can go back to closing our eyes and just before the event and slowly drive this scene in our mind.

Usually at the point of change in energy, we created a story or a set of meanings about the event.

For example, when I was bullied by a teacher at school and she sent me to a utility room, “When I was sitting in that room, look at the wallpaper” not very good “and” I’m different ” And “Nobody likes me”.

In the case of bullying as a matter of anger, it is reduced to the moment when we did not stand up for ourselves. At that moment we can lose our power.

That is the incredible thing about energy healing.

Just because the incident occurred 30 years ago, does not mean that you cannot solve it.

When we go back into memory, and for example, we stand up to bullying, the words we need to say, stand up for ourselves, and actually feel it on a gut level, the effect. Can happen fast and change lives.

What happens is, when we transfer energy, our nervous system calms down because it is no longer protecting itself.

So when the little boy loses his father, and he no longer does that he has left because of him, and he understands that this is another reason, his body can rest.

The world is in a lot of pain due to the past injury, so I want you to know that nothing has happened, you can fix it.

But only when you have faith can you. Because if you made the story that pain will always be with you. this. If you have a belief that you can and will change. you.

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