The Russo Brothers’ Production Company Reportedly Got $50 Million From A Saudi Arabian Bank

Earlier this year, the production company founded by AGBO, the Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe (known as the directors of “Avengers: Endgame” and several other Marvel studio projects) received at least $ 50 million from a Saudi bank Investment received. Earlier this year, according to a recent Variety report.

Several sources state that an unnamed bank linked to Saudi Arabia briefly signed a deal with AGBO at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in turn acquired a minority stake in the company. According to two sources in the story, the money was also named for a specific purpose, named “development, production and overhead”.

Multiple sources confirm the investment, but there is some dispute over the actual amount. One says it was actually “too high” compared to the $ 50 million figure, and another characterized it as a one-time infusion of $ 50 million into the company.

Tomaso Bodi / Getty Images

While the specifics of the deal cannot be disclosed (and Ros is not publicly commenting on it), it is a potentially poor public relations situation for AGBO, which has led to Saudi Arabia’s investments in Western media companies Has given rise to many controversies. In at least one case, a Hollywood holding company called Endeavor actually returned $ 400 million to Saudi Arabia after Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashogi was murdered by the Saudi royal family, and Viacom and other companies such as Uber in the country Dropped out of a business conference. After public outrage last year.

Rosso founded AGBO in 2016 and has several upcoming projects in the pipeline, including Netflix’s spy thriller “The Gray Man” featuring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana De Aramas as well as the hit “Extraction” to surprise Is a sequel to. On Netflix. Will this story about Saudi investment attract enough public attention to see any kind of backlash from Ross.

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