The point of view of Casa Tips Clear: Plato chair by Magis

It was 1988 when Giulio Cappellini presented the Thinking Man’s Chair (the prototype was from 1986) and its creator Jasper Morrison. In these 30 years and more the London designer (1959) has never stopped thinking about session themeso much so that fifty of his projects can be counted today. All in the sign not so much of the search for absolute novelty, but of the archetype, of theessence of the object “Chair”, of that common factor (the idea expressed in function) that could be defined, in more or less Platonic terms, “sedietà“.

Look at them, each different, undoubtedly new, yet full of echoes to the point that there is not one that does not make one think: “Where have I seen it before?”. IS the wonderful that hides in the normal the goal of Morrison’s research. The last (for now) session of the designer is called Plato and perhaps the reference to Greek philosopher can be explained by that search for the primeval essence mentioned above. To realize it is once again the Venetian Magis with whom Morrison has long had a fruitful collaboration, having signed in addition to the chairs Pipe also the collection with aluminum tube structure Air (in polypropylene and fiberglass) for outdoor use, also intended for use by Plato.

Stackable like the sisters is made of die-cast aluminum painted with polyester powder. There is also the version with armrests. 6 colors available. And to soften the impact with the seat there is an optional cushion covered with elegant fabrics (in solid color) by Kvadrat.


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