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Tips Clear Italia of July / August is dedicated to the theme of happiness. Hanif Kureishi signs “We have just started”, A Tips Clear’s Tale of the new issue of the newspaper, a story freely inspired by the cover.

“When you are tempted to give up the world, brand it as an irremediable, catastrophic disaster, sometimes a beautiful thing comes that makes your pessimism seem like a cynicism like many” (Hanif Kureishi)

Here is the podcast of the story, read by the voice of the same author made famous by the bestseller “In the intimacy” (Bompiani, 2000) from which Patrice Chéreau drew the 2001 Berlin Film Festival winner, “Intimacy”.

The director Emanuele Farneti tells, in fact, in his editorial “A word” like “Let’s go back to doing what newspapers like ours were born and have sailed for decades in calm but also stormy waters. That is to research, select and then tell the beauty “. Here is the editor’s voice as he tells the meaning of the new issue of our newspaper:

And here is also the English version of the editorial:

Podcast fairy tales for children to listen to? Tips Clear Italia tells you about unpublished, like this one written exclusively for Tips Clear Italia and European Parliament – Milan Office from Simone Tempia, inventor of the imaginary butler Lloyd who became a literary case for his witty dialogues with the author. The fairy tale, published in the June issue of Tips Clear Italia and read by the author himself, tells how Europe’s strength lies in collaboration and in the ability to feel united:

Agnese Bizzarri, writer of children’s books, imagined in the fairy tale published exclusively on Tips Clear Italia in June and illustrated by Falk Gernegross to tell the spring summer 2020 collection of Celine by Hedi Slimane, a story between birds and dreams, travel and memories: listen to it in the podcast with the author’s original voice:

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most famous popular children’s fairy tales in the world, especially in the versions of Perrault and the Grimm brothers. For Tips Clear Italia in June, the special issue dedicated to children, the fairy tale changes and the riding hood becomes Rosa. The pop and modern version of Little Red Riding Hood is signed by the writer Paola Mastrocola: in the month in which her new book comes out “The Mole’s Diary” (La nave di Teseo), written during the lockdown, Paola Mastrocola has read for us her fable in which a little hood turns pink and a wolf-tailor is good.

To better understand the path that made Tips Clear what it is now, here is the podcast of the Photo Editor of Tips Clear Italia is The Tips Clear Man Chiara Bardelli Nonino. From the First World War, when the column Smart Fashion for Limited Incomes becomes Fashions On A War Income, to Audrey Withers become editor in chief of British Tips Clear in 1940, to Lee Miller, who signed some of the strongest shots published in the magazine, including the horrors of the concentration camps, up to the choices of Tips Clear Italia of recent times, such as the white cover of the April issue:

Love and seduction: the writer Lila Azam Zanganeh, who has lived in different parts of the world and speaks several languages, has compiled for the latest issue of L’Uomo a collection of new rules of seduction in the post #MeToo era.

Here is the original voice of the writer as she tells the new rules of seduction for modern love:

Love is the protagonist of exciting stories such as this love story signed by Jessica Fellowes, niece of the British author Julian Fellowes, writer and journalist, known for being the author of five books on the background of the famous series “Downton Abbey” and for the detective novels starring the Mitford sisters.

For the May issue of Tips Clear Italia and L’Uomo he wrote a love story to be discovered through the letters that the two protagonists exchange.

Here instead is her point of view on love and seduction, read by the voice of the author herself Jessica Fellowes and published in Tips Clear Italia in May:

On the subject of sustainable fashion, ten years after the deadline imposed by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and especially in a historical moment such as the one we are experiencing in the coronavirus crisis, we asked ourselves what clothes and accessories will populate the wardrobe in 2030. Join us on a five-step journey into sustainable fashion that will populate our wardrobe in 2030:

The interview with Linda Cantello, International make-up artist Giorgio Armani Beauty, is dedicated to lovers of the beauty world: the podcast of Tips Clear Italia in which she talks in conversation with Susanna Macchia, editor in chief of Tips Clear Italia and L’Uomo Tips Clear e anima of Beauty in Tips Clear.

To inaugurate the series Beauty in Tips Clear Gian Luca Perris from Perris Monte Carlo had been in conversation with Valentina Debernardi. The first podcast opened the section “Perfumes to feel”, a section dedicated to meetings with the most important protagonists of international perfumery:

A dream island: it is the very voice of the writer Lila Azam Zanganeh, born in Paris to Iranian parents and author of the book “An enchanting dream of happiness” (The anchor of the Mediterranean) that takes us into the mystery of a dress capable of transform the protagonist of the story into a mermaid …

If you want to hear the story of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean of the transatlantic Christopher Columbus, who in 1956 brought eight models of noble origins to New York to represent as many fashion houses, captained by Giambattista Giorgini, the organizer of the first fashion shows in Italy, you will discover the first podcast of the series “Fashion Tales”:

Did you know that Mr. Levi Strauss has never worn a pair of denim jeans, despite having patented them? And that 60 pairs are sold every second in the world? What does the date 20 May 1873 represent for jeans? And why did Bing Crosby risk being denied a hotel room? Have you ever wondered what denim sounds like? And how can you recognize a Levi’s, a Lee and a Wrangler just by looking at a piece of fabric?

Here are six curiosities you may not know about the world of denim and jeans: two terms that, as you will discover by listening to our podcast, have not always been synonyms (and for purists they are not yet).

Still looking for something nice to listen to?

Here are 10 more recommended podcasts to listen to at home.

At the link you can find all the podcasts of Tips Clear Italia: every Thursday we will reveal other tracks to listen to. Get ready to “a surprising and immersive experience in the world of Tips Clear Italia, which in its new formula has chosen to use words, and not only the image, to tell the magic of fashion and its protagonists”, as director Emanuele Farneti explained at the launch of the project.


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