The Most Jealous Men Of All Time From The Show

90 Day Fiance is no stranger to jealous women (Angela), but what about the jealous men of the franchise? They have bring as much smoke as the women.

There have been plenty of jealous women on 90 Day Fiancé, which has either stemmed from past infidelities, their partner having a lying habit, or being too close with their “good friend.” They have carried a few seasons of the show with storylines of jealous women, who can forget Angela and Michael? However, the men on the show are just as bad, if not worse. The franchise has seen its fair share of men who can’t stand their partners talking, looking, or even breathing around anyone else.

It does not make it any easier when couples had distance between them prior and they wonder what the other party did while they were apart. The K1-visa process is not easy and trying to figure your relationship in a matter of three months is not easy. For some couples, because they have not spent that long together the days are a true test of trust and loyalty. While for others their jealous side breaks through and all hell breaks loose.

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Zied Hakimi

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi in 90 Day Fiance4

Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott has slowly crept their way into the hearts of 90 Day Fiancé fans. They have come a long way since viewers were first introduced to them when Rebecca went to go see him in Tunisia. Fans were not sure of their relationship because of their age difference, culture, and family. They jumped over every obstacle that came their way, but the jealousy seemed to be a huge source of conflict. Rebecca had been married in the past and he was keenly aware of this.

While she was in Tunisia and showing Zied photos of her grandchildren on her phone, she accidentally scrolled to a photo of her and her ex-husband. Zied was not impressed. He was angry that Rebecca still had photos of her ex-husband in her phone, and she tried to rationalize it by saying they had been together for five years. Rebecca tried to flip the switch on Zied by saying he did not trust her, but he forgave him.

Zied has even admitted it himself that he is a “jealous and controlling man.” He went on to explain that incidences like the photo of the ex-husband make him mad and he “may react badly.” However, these two suit each other. Rebecca has also shown traits of being jealous especially when they are around younger women. These two have what it takes to make it work though, as Zied said, “the trust between lovers must exist on both sides.”

Steven Frend

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Steven appeared on 90 Day Fiancé with his then-girlfriend now soon-to-be-ex-wife Olga Koshimbetova. He had gone to Russia to be with her for their son’s delivery. They were still young and trying to figure out their relationship along with being new parents. Having kids can take a toll on couples and it certainly took a toll on these two, especially Olga. Their baby boy Richie was about two weeks and Steven did not like that Olga was giving the baby more attention than him and felt she was not being appreciative.

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Steven listed all the things he had done and bought for her and the baby while a tired Olga listened on, and she had just had a C-section two weeks prior. Steven however said to her, “The kid can’t be before me,” and added that the kid can’t be the “main thing.” Steven may have phrased what he wanted to say slightly wrong and at the wrong time. It is important to make sure to not forget the romantic side of things when couples become parents, but a child who can’t fend for themselves will need to come first.

Children are a lifetime commitment and that does take a lot of energy and time, and the baby was still only two weeks. The adjustment period from being the two of them to being three can be difficult, but it was not the time or place to address it. Steven even complained that since the baby came, Olga was no longer “she doesn’t even show affection towards me.” It is understandable for fathers to fail to connect with the baby as well as mothers but again, not the time or place. Well now, the couple announced their split so it seems they could not solve their issues.

Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany and Yazan: TLC 90 day Fiance

This relationship burned down to the ground as viewers watched 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Brittany and Yazan were not meant to have started anything but they did, and it led to disaster as they continued to curse each other out many months after the show ended. Brittany and Yazan were two very different people, which seems to be a 90 Day Fiancé trope. She was a “free spirit,” and he was very conservative.

When Brittany went to Jordan for the first time to visit the 24-year-old they got into an argument, not just because of the alcohol in her bag but because she hugged the crew when she landed. Yazan was livid. Yazan cussed out the TLC producers and Brittany. Yazan later explained that he had told Brittany that alcohol and hugging other men crossed a boundary for him. Yazan had been trying to get Brittany to convert and this was not the way to do it. Yazan expressed to Brittany that “Arabic men are just jealous.”

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Brittany and Yazan ending their relationship was the best move for both. Ever since the end of their relationship, they have continued to expose each other, with Brittany accusing Yazan of talking to gay men for money. The translator the pair used in Jordan also exposed Yazan and said that Yazan told him he only wanted Brittany for her body.

Jihoon Lee

Deavan and Jihoon In 90 Day Fiance

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee have been on a lot of the 90 Day Fiancé fandom radar because of their endless drama, custody battle, and plain pettiness. There has been so much drama coming from both sides that it is easy to forget these two were even together let alone married. But they were, and once they were even in love. There was once even a time when Jihoon was jealous.

Deavan was having a shoot while she was in Korea, as she was trying to make money as a model, and she had to pose with a male model. Jihoon was not a fan of this and the male models were very attractive. Jihoon said that he has “lots of jealous.” For a while, fans thought Deavan was trying to make Jihoon jealous with her new boyfriend, but it seems now they are both focused on the many legal battles they will have to face.

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