The Most Common Amazon Echo Problems and How to Solve Them

Those of us with smart home equipment can attest to the many glories of web-connected hardware. One of the most popular Internet-of-Things (IoT) families is Amazon’s Echo lineup. Comprising smart speakers, displays, and a host of other equipment, Echo products can act as smart hubs for the rest of your home’s IoT gear, allowing you to control thermostats, lighting, and streaming devices with voice commands and the Alexa app.

Like all things tech (and especially all things web-connected), you’re wont to run into bugs and glitches now and then, even with the best of hardware. The Echo lineup is certainly no exception.

Fortunately, many of these troubles can be easily dealt with in a few quick steps. Whether you’re having an issue right now or want to be aware of the kinds of bugs your Echo speaker may run into in the future, we’ve put together this roundup of the most common Amazon Echo problems and what you can do to solve each glitch.

Wi-Fi issues

Whether you’re experiencing network connecti