The Men Best Suited To Be The Next Lead Of The Franchise

It’s never too early to speculate! Here are the eligible men from The Bachelor franchise who would do a great job as the next Bachelor.

Fans of The Bachelor are always on the lookout for who could be the next lead. Now that Katie Thurston and Michelle Young were recently announced as the next two Bachelorettes, it’s time to start speculating about who the Bachelor will be. The three men below were all on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette, and all seem ready to commit to a life partner if given the opportunity.

Of course, the next Bachelor could be chosen from Katie or Michelle’s group of suitors. But you never know in Bachelor Nation, and someone from Clare/Tayshia’s season could be given a chance. They were all overlooked in favor of Matt James, who was cast to be on Clare/Tayshia’s season but was promoted straight to Bachelor instead. There’s also Bachelor in Paradise to consider. If any of these men go on and find love, they won’t be considered when it’s time to cast the next Bachelor. Assuming they don’t find a partner on Paradise, here’s who could make a great Bachelor next season.

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Ivan Hall

Ivan Hall went far on Clare/Tayshia’s season before being eliminated right after Fantasy Suite week. He and Tayshia had a sweet connection, and Ivan was able to open up to Tayshia about his family. He spoke about his brother being incarcerated in the past and how it affected him. He also talked about how much he loved his niece and wanted to be there for her while her father was in prison.

Needless to say, viewers swooned over Ivan’s familial love and dedication. He was also able to have poignant conversations with Tayshia about race. The two bonded over the Black Lives Matter movement that inspired them both. They also connected over being biracial and their changing outlooks on it as they matured. Ivan’s understanding of their breakup showed maturity and respect for Tayshia. For all these reasons, he would make an outstanding Bachelor.

Ben Smith

Some fans suspected Ben Smith was receiving the “Bachelor edit” during his season. He certainly was painted in a positive light, and Tayshia confirmed he was a positive part of her experience. Ben came back after being eliminated to confess to Tayshia that he loved her. But it wasn’t enough to be her final pick, causing the tragic storyline that so many former Bachelors have endured of coming in second place.

Ben was highly vulnerable during the show. He opened up to Tayshia about his mental health struggles and his eating disorder. It was a rare moment in The Bachelor that audiences really resonated with, and Ben became a fan favorite. He still advocates for mental health on his social media post-Bachelorette. Ben’s grand gestures and bravery in embracing his own vulnerability would serve him well if he became the next Bachelor.

Joe Park

Joe Park didn’t make it as far as fans hoped he would. Sometimes, however, fan favorites do become the lead despite not getting as far, like current Bachelorette Katie Thurston, who was eliminated in 11th place on Matt James’s season. Joe is beloved by fans, who have been itching for Asian representation on The Bachelor. Matt James’s historic season has led fans to look forward to seeing the first Asian Bachelor sometime soon.

Joe brings a lot to the table. He’s a doctor who worked with COVID-19 patients in New York City during the height of the pandemic. He has been an advocate for COVID-19 vaccination and following the advice of health officials. At 36, he’s also the right age to settle down and give viewers an older Bachelor after a string of Bachelors in their twenties. Joe seems to know what he wants, and his stability with his career and with himself would make for a satisfying season of The Bachelor.

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