The MCU Secretly Just Teased Magneto’s X-Mansion

The MCU secretly just teased Magneto’s X-Mansion thanks to Baron Zemo and a visit to Madripoor in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 3.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might have teased Magneto’s X-Mansion in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The second MCU Disney+ series is halfway through its first season and most recently got an added layer of villainy with Baron Zemo’s return. He led Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to the country of Madripoor in search of answers about someone restarting the super-soldier program. Fans have been waiting to visit Madripoor since The Falcon and The Winter Soldier set photos pointed to its inclusion and left most wondering what the location could mean for the MCU’s future.

Madripoor is an Asian island in Marvel Comics that is commonly associated with villains, especially those of the X-Men comics. The lawless island is divided into two parts, Hightown and Lowtown, which split the inhabitants based on wealth. Hightown is where the wealthiest members of Madripoor reside, while Lowtown is a poorer area that is also overrun with criminals. Madripoor has an extensive history with the X-Men, especially Wolverine, holds a secret hideout for Nick Fury, and includes ties to several other Marvel characters. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier only offered a quick introduction to Madripoor, but that was enough to potentially tease Magneto’s X-Mansion.

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During The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 3, Baron Zemo is asked if he knows of anyone in Hightown as he, Sam, and Bucky begin their trip to Lowtown. Zemo doesn’t verbally respond to the question but a subtle smirk comes across his face as he enters the car. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier later reveals that the Power Broker resides in Hightown, but Zemo also confirms he has no relationship with the villain. This leaves the door open for the MCU to reveal someone else is Zemo’s connection in Hightown. In fact, it could be set up for Magneto’s X-Mansion.

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While Professor X’s X-Mansion is located in New York, Magneto recently founded one of his own in the comics. He has a giant mansion in Hightown, Madripoor, that he allows a version of the X-Men, who are displaced from their original time, to live in. It is possible the MCU is using The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and the mention of friends in Hightown to set up the existence of Magneto’s X-Mansion. If so, there is a chance that the location could even be visited in the series. However, introducing Magneto, his X-Mansion, or members of the X-Men would also distract from Sam and Bucky’s story, so Marvel might just be laying the seeds for a future revelation.

Whether or not The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is purposefully teasing Magneto’s X-Mansion, it will be fascinating to see if the show includes any other references to the X-Men. With Sam, Bucky, and Zemo leaving Madripoor at the end of episode 3, it is possible the island won’t be seen again in the rest of the season. Sharon Carter does still live there, though, so the resolution to her story could provide another trip. But as the story continues to take The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s story across the globe, there’s no telling what opportunities there will be for X-Men connections.

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