‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Have Questions About Tonight’s New ‘After the Mask’ Episode

  • The Masked MonkeySeason 3 continues with a brand new episode on Wednesday April 22 at 8 p.m. AND on Fox.
  • The Fox hit show announced that after tonight’s episode, a new special called After the mask will be broadcast.
  • After the promos, some fans asked questions about this After the mask would be on the brink and if that would affect the rest of season 3 eliminations.

    As we learned last week, the idea of ​​a Masked singer special special to sing was not very good with some fans. Now, however, some people are concerned that the new After the mask Special could mean for the hit Fox show this week – but here’s what’s really going on.

    In front of the Masked singer episode of season 3 on April 22 – where Banana, Kitty, Frog and Rhino will clash – the social media accounts of the competition show announced that after the “brand new episode” of Wednesday evening Nick Cannon would head a new post-show special called After the mask.

    Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, of course … but still, that had Masked singer fans worried about whether it would affect the “brand new episode” aired before After the mask special. The promotional message prompted fans to ask a lot of questions in the comments section on the theme “Repeat tonight ????”, “Are there more episodes with unmasks?”, And “when is the final? “

    To clarify, tonight’s episode will see a competitor return home and continue to reduce the remaining season 3 competitors. In fact, apart from the episode “Road to the Finals” aired on May 20, from now on, every Wednesday will include elimination to the pitch (which currently consists of Banana, Kitty, Frog, Rhino, Turtle, Astronaut and Night Angel) is reduced to just three. From there, the last three masked singers will perform and the winner will be revealed in the season 3 finale on May 27.

    Regarding the After the mask special, it’s a new after-show that Fox is trying out and which will start immediately after the end of the normal episodes (around 9 p.m. ET). In this document, previously unmasked celebrities will talk about their time in the series and even perform again. Famous guests include judges Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy, Gordon Ramsay, and Joel McHale. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all celebrities will participate in the show from their homes.

    See? There is no reason to worry. If anything, the After the mask special just means we get one more hour Masked singer fun every Wednesday evening. All together now: Thanks, Fox.

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