‘The Masked Singer’ Cast of Season 3 in 2020

‘The Masked Singer’ Cast of Season 3 in 2020

The masked singer the costumes for season 3 may still be the best. But who are the lucky candidates who can perform week after week in these elaborate outfits? Below we reveal the best indices and forecasts for each of the actors involved in the winter season 2020. Also included are the celebrities who have returned home in season 3 so far … in other words, get ready for a lot of spoilers.

Without further ado, here are the masked singers from season 3:

The banana

The masked singer Revealed: Bret Michaels


1) Banana is used to performing on stage, according to a promotional video.

2) A poisonous pufferfish and a blue-collar appeared in its first pack of clues.

3) The banana seeks to “kiss [his] faults and switch like [his] me authentic. ”


The masked singer Revealed: Jordyn Woods


1) The kangaroo has a pocket (which is only found in female marsupials).

2) The creature wears several chains around its neck.

3) The Kangaroo wants to “bounce back” after being thrown into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons “by his own admission”.

White tiger

The masked singer Revealed: Rob Gronkowski


1) White Tiger has eight large blue stones on his costume.

2) The white tiger was teased as a shelling champion with 51 clams.

3) The White Tiger presented the beginning of Abraham Lincoln’s speech in Gettysburg in his bundle of clues.

The T-Rex

The masked singer Revealed: Jojo Siwa


1) T-Rex said, like the dinosaur, that it was “discovered by another”.

2) The singer claimed that she had been sent to a place called T-Rex Island, where she was one of the many candidates to “hack the earth”.

3) T-Rex claimed that “a cataclysmic event changed my world forever.”

The Swan

The masked singer Revealed: Bella thorne


1) Swan’s set of clues has shown his ballet movements.

2) Swan said, “I played games. I lived the glory. I saw the shame. And I pretend, on this scene where I came, that you will not know my name. ”

3) A security guard in Swan’s hint pack had vampire fangs.

The bear

The masked singer Revealed: Sarah Palin


1) The bear has put on fur boots and likes the colors pink, blue and purple.

2) The Bear had aces and kings in its pack of clues.

3) Bear seemed to be a hockey fan.

The Taco

The masked singer Revealed: Tom bergeron


1) The Taco wanted to “guac our world.”

2) The Taco revealed a stack of VHS tapes, a ship anchor and a miniature cart in one of its clue packages.

3) The Taco has claimed to be “a comforting part” of our lives for “decades”.

The mouse

The masked singer Revealed: Dionne Warwick


1) Mouse presented a piece entitled “Bang Bang Formation”.

2) The mouse loved to have a “role to play” and never accepted “nothing less than gold”.

3) The mouse clue package included two Warriors football players with the numbers “19” and “79”.

the elephant

The masked singer Revealed: Tony Hawk


1) The elephant had a connection with birds.

2) Elephant said he “did canvassing on park benches” when he was younger.

3) The security guards included in the Elephant clue package performed numerous skateboard flips.

Miss monster

The masked singer Revealed: Chaka khan


1) Miss Monster sported large pink lips, a large bow and long shiny nails.

2) Miss Monster was obsessed with hairspray and the number 10.

3) Miss Monster’s hint pack included a queen chess piece.

The robot

The masked singer Revealed: Lil wayne


1) Robot had a connection to cowboy culture and Texas, according to a promo video for season 3.

2) “PT” was called during the Robot Hint Package.

3) The Robot had been perceived as “inhuman” in the past.

4) The Robot Clue package included a toy skateboard crashing into a toy fire truck.

The llama

The masked singer Revealed: Drew Carey


1) In a promotional clip of the show, Llama was seen with a CD “Sounds of Seattle”.

2) “23.3 The Wool” was also named in the video.

3) The lama wore a camera around his neck.



1) The astronaut puts on a costume that looks like the MTV Music Video Awards “Moonman”.

2) The astronaut is completely covered with gold.

Best predictions: Lance Bass, Carson Daly

The angel of the night


1) Night Angel “has been doing this since adolescence”.

2) Although she missed her prom, Night Angel made sure to earn her diploma and attend her graduation.

3) A set of clues for Night Angel included a fireplace, a pitcher of sweet tea, a white fan, and a graffiti design with a castle and a strawberry.

Best predictions: Kandi Burruss, Taraji P. Henson, Jeffree Star



1) The frog says it is “nervous to watch”.

2) The frog will not be “frogotten”.

Best predictions: Bow Wow, Chris “Mac Daddy” Smith

The kitty


1) The Kitty wears an outfit similar to that of Vegas.

2) His right eye is yellow, while his left eye is blue.

Best predictions: Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Gillies, Sabrina Carpenter, Kate Bosworth,



1) The Rhino is wearing vintage pilot equipment.

2) A promo asks how to “steal” the Rhino mask.

Best predictions: Jack Black, Nick Jonas

The turtle


1) The turtle rocks jet black hair and a leather jacket.

2) In a promotional video, the turtle is seen next to a purple jersey framed with a “C” on it and a team photo on the wall.

3) The turtle is related to burgers or cooking.

4) The turtle has the impression that everyone around him fought “tooth and nail for the dream”.

5) The turtle cleaned a surfboard in its video on the clue pack.

Best predictions: Jesse McCartney, Billie Joe Armstrong, Adam Lambert

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