The ‘Little People, Big World’ Stars on Their Engagement, Moving In, and Family

The ‘Little People, Big World’ Stars on Their Engagement, Moving In, and Family

It was a summer night that looked like another during the shooting Few people, big world – but few Amy Roloff know that that evening, she would meet the man who would become her fiancé, Chris Marek.

The story goes that the first two paths crossed during an evening of wine and painting for singles at the Vine Gogh Artist Bar & Studio in Portland, Oregon. Chris’ friend discovered the event and asked him to have fun. He forced it and while there, Chris briefly had the chance to speak with Amy. Unfortunately, because the two weren’t paired during the event, they were only able to share a few seconds together while enjoying aperitifs and drinks.

“The person [named Bob] I was paired with an awesome and funny guy. [It was] a wonderful and fun event, “recalls Amy Good Housekeeping. “Everyone had a good time and I met a lot of good people I’m still friends with … but I didn’t really get to know [Chris] to this event. “

Of course, this was just the start for both. Weeks later, Chris and Amy got together at a pool party. Recognizing each other for the wine and painting event, the two began a more solid conversation. There, Chris was surprised to learn so much about the TLC series and Amy’s role in the series.

“For me, [the pool party] was just a fun wine event, “says Chris.” I had never even heard of Few people, big world before meeting Amy. “

Before the day was over, Amy had gotten over her nerves and had explained to Chris a lot about her life on and off the camera – from what was going on with her house at Roloff Farms to her ex-husband, Mast. Even though Amy had reservations about meeting new people, there was something about Chris that made her curious.

“For some reason, I kept an eye on Chris,” recalls the 55-year-old TLC star. “It was hard to read … how he felt or what he thought. Then we started the conversation on the motorcycles and took a ride… without thinking about anything going on. ”

roloff family

Before they both knew it, they were on a motorcycle together. This motorcycle ride turned into relaxed lunch trips, which then flourished into a full-fledged relationship. As of September 18, 2016, the two were officially a couple.

While they loved each other fairly quickly, getting into Amy’s world was not easy for Chris. The 57-year-old was used to his lifestyle in a small town, which revolved around his love of motorcycles, time spent outdoors and the growth of his real estate business.

“It was really very different to go out with someone who is involved in reality, [with all] cameras and people asking questions and getting personal, “says Chris.” Some [strangers] say nice things, some say very mean things. “

And lo and behold, when Chris was featured on the show, viewers of Few people, big world accused him of being a fake and a paid actor. Although Amy warned Chris to avoid harsh comments online, it was easier said than done.

“Of course, I couldn’t help it. Part of my business comes from the web and it was very hurtful at first,” says Chris. “I wasn’t used to being attacked by so many people I didn’t know and didn’t know me. It was hard. “

roloff family

amy roloff

After seeing her boyfriend receive enough backlash to negatively impact his real estate business, Amy realized that his fame had a cost for those around him. “I was like, ‘Okay, that’s one of the drawbacks of dating someone like me because you’re not used to it. “It’s overwhelming, it can destroy you. I was sure it would come out.”

Fortunately, Chris was not deterred and remained true to himself.

“I think by now the people who are watching have understood that I am not a paid actor, I am real and my intentions are honorable,” he said.

While Chris was experiencing a sudden influx of attention, Amy had to face her own trials early in their relationship. After the end of her 27-year marriage to her ex-husband in May 2016, the matriarch Roloff found herself in an unexpected place in life. Her four adult children – Zach, 30, Jeremy, 30, Molly, 26 and Jacob, 23 – had started to build their individual lives, and she was alone.

“Being an empty nest and also getting a divorce was like” Whoa, that’s not what I expected “,” she said. “It was two different worlds. I was very, very happy for them, it’s natural progression … But I went through a little withdrawal. I missed seeing my kids every day. “

Meeting Chris, however, helped her get rid of the loneliness, as did a healthy renewal of her state of mind.

“Your attitude and what you think about yourself plays a huge role in it,” says Amy, reflecting on her life after the divorce. “Now that I’m on the other side, it’s like” Yeah, it’s different, but it’s very different. “”

Her new relationship with Chris was exciting and seemed completely natural. Eventually, their love grew and evolved to make future plans.

“Well, I can’t say there was an” a-ha “moment,” said Chris of the timing of the proposal. “It was just a natural, easy progression that worked well.”

amy roloff

amy roloff

On September 18, 2019, for their third anniversary, Chris knelt down and offered Amy a heart-shaped engagement ring. In the blink of an eye, Amy’s life changed forever. She had recently closed a new house and had so many questions about what her next chapter in life would be like after she left Roloff Farms – and just like that, she suddenly got a few answers.

Today little has changed since the Few people, big world The finale ended with Chris and Amy working together on their very first home project. Now, the happy committed couple is still busy making their shared home, which will soon be a unique space. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the couple hope to move in together by this summer (while waiting for it to be safe to do so).

When it comes to designing their home, Amy is committed to being more direct and communicating her opinions – something she worked on during her relationship with Chris.

“There will be things you would never expect, but I hope you have had enough with each other to communicate, so that you can get by and talk about it,” says Amy. “I think it’s something Chris and I do well.”

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As for the wedding, the two want to take their time to plan the special day and look forward to walking down the aisle in 2021.

“I didn’t want to plan a wedding on top of everything that’s going on,” says Amy. “Chris has never been married before, so I really wanted us to focus on marriage and the others and who we will have there.”

So far, the lovebirds know it will be an outdoor wedding and have only thought briefly about who will be invited. That said, Amy and Chris have both agreed to extend an invitation to Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, regardless of Caryn’s comments on the air about not being comfortable attending.

“I just want people to be there, happy for us, who are in our life right now and we think they will be part of our life to move forward,” she said.

amy roloff


“For me personally, if they want to come, they are welcome,” adds Chris. “If they don’t want to come … the last thing we want is for Matt and Caryn to leave just because they feel they have to, it’s not the atmosphere we want.”

But the guests who will certainly be there include all of Amy’s children. The family has learned to love Chris in recent years, although there were some hesitations at first.

“Her kids have always been great to make me feel welcome and they are just good people,” says Chris. “I guess what has changed may be that we are becoming more personal with each other [now], maybe share things that we wouldn’t have before. “

All of this makes Amy ecstatic. Thinking back to where she was when she first met Chris, Amy acknowledges that she was sometimes defeated. In the end, she learned to trust the process of starting over and to look at the positive side of the biggest changes in life. And that ultimately only brought him more happiness.

“The divorce was very difficult and very difficult for me, but there are challenges and I definitely did,” she says. “It’s great to have Chris in my life, and I love the trip we’re taking right now.”

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